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12 Disruptive Innovations of Veeam Backup Version 7

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on October 18, 2013 by David Davis

Veeam Software has introduced the latest edition of their award-winning backup, replication, and recovery software for vSphere and Hyper-V. Veeam says that the new Backup and Replication version 7 “takes modern data protection to the next level”. Certainly that sounds cool but, what does that really mean? Let’s find out.

Veeam 7_fig1
Figure 1 – Veeam’s History of Innovation

Introducing Veeam Backup Version 7

I’ve been following Veeam for a many years, since they first introduced their free tool FastSCP. That tool quickly became known as a VMware Admin ‘must have’ tool for its value and ease of use. From there, Veeam announced Backup and Replication, which was still known for its valuable feature set, reasonable cost, and ease of use. Over time, Veeam has become the leader in backup innovation as they have added more and more “wow, I never thought of that!” features to Veeam Backup and Replication with every major release.

Veeam 7_fig2

Figure 2 – What’s New in Veeam v7

While there is a long list of new features in version 7, in my opinion, the two most disruptive feature of v7 are:
1. Built in WAN acceleration
2. High performance backup from SAN snapshots

Let’s look at how those can help you…

Veeam Backup WAN Acceleration

While Veeam has always been a leader in virtualization backup, one of the hurdles that customers experienced was getting the backup data offsite. It’s recommended that enterprises adhere to the 3:2:1 rule. This means, when it comes to backup data, you should always have 3 copies of that data, stored on 2 different forms of media, with 1 of those being offsite.

In the previous version of Veeam Backup, they introduced native tape support to help you do that. In the latest version, v7, they introduce built-in WAN acceleration and backup copy jobs.

While Veeam has always had replication, in many cases it was tough to fit your daily change rate down your WAN pipe. That’s exactly the problem that WAN acceleration helps you solve. By utilizing caching and deduplication, Veeam says that they can move your backup data from a primary site to a secondary or disaster recovery site (or to an offsite storage provider) 50x faster than a standard file transfer.

Veeam 7_fig3

Figure 3 – WAN Acceleration and Backup Copy

The new backup copy job functionality then automated the desire to fulfill the 3:2:1 rule by automatically copying virtual machine backups to the offsite storage as soon as the backup data is placed in the primary backup storage.

Veeam says that this eliminates the need for expensive hardware-based WAN accelerators (assuming they were only used to accelerate backup data transfer). Additionally, it the built in compression and deduplication can save your company money on monthly WAN bandwidth costs.

High Performance Backup from SAN Snapshots

Another disruptive feature of Veeam Backup v7 is the new backup from storage snapshots feature. The goal of this feature is to help businesses improve recovery point objectives (RPO). Now that v7 can take backups of virtual machines utilizing SAN snapshots, the RPO can be as little as #5 minutes# <…;. That means that, if there were data loss, at maximum, you would only lose up to 5 minutes of transactions.

Veeam 7_fig4

Figure 4 – Veeam Backup Utilizing SAN Snapshots

Additionally, when backups are taken, there is no downtime to applications running inside virtual machines because Veeam utilizes the vSphere API for data protection (VADP) feature called change block tracking, or CBT.

According to Veeam, they can capture backup data from SAN snapshots up to 20x faster than their competition. Today, only HP SAN storage is supported for the storage snapshot functionality but Veeam has created a plug-in architecture that will allow them to extend support for more SAN storage vendors in the near future.

10 More Disruptive Features in Veeam Backup v7

Besides the WAN acceleration and SAN snapshot backup, other disruptive features of v7 are:

1. Enhanced backup and recovery from vCloud Director
Veeam is one of the few virtualization backup companies that support backup and recovery of vCloud Director and I admire their innovation in doing so!

2. Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Sharepoint & Microsoft Exchange 2013
The ability of your backup software to understand your applications and help you to intelligently view the backup data and put it back to where it needs to be is invaluable and timesaving.

3. Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots
When you utilize storage snapshots for backup, you also need the ability to view those snapshots, both for verification and to ensure that you restore the right data in the right place.

4. Virtual Lab for Hyper-V
Veeam’s on-demand sandbox and virtual lab for vSphere is a great tool for creating test environments faster than every before. Now, this ability is available for Hyper-V environments as well.

5. Self-service recovery for virtual machines and guest files
By allowing power users to restore their own files and virtual machines, administrators can save time and make end users happy.

6. vSphere Web client plugin
With VMware moving exclusively to the vSphere web client in future versions, every third-party software company needs to support the new web client. By offering a web client plugin now, Veeam is ahead of many other backup providers.

Veeam 7_fig5

Figure 5 – New vSphere Web Client Plugin for Veeam Backup

7. Virtual lab for replicas
The new virtual lab for replicas allows you to create a virtual lab based on replicas, allowing you to get it up and running faster than ever before.

8. Instant file recovery for Hyper-V
Veeam has expanded their instant virtual machine recovery into instant file recovery and now for Hyper-V.

9. 1-click restore for virtual machines
When a virtual machine is down, critical company applications are down. 1-click restore and instant VM recovery allows you to get them back faster than ever before.

10. On-demand sandbox
Still one of my favorite features of Veeam Backup is the on-demand sandbox because it allows you to built virtual lab within just a few minutes, based on your real company applications and data. With those virtual labs (aka the “on-demand sandbox”) you can test application or OS upgrades, configuration changes, or even just learn about your virtualized apps without the risk of causing downtime in production.

To explore Veeam v7 download a free trial here or read this white paper.

Final Recommendations

My recommendation is to stay in touch with your Softchoice Account Manager about the new Veeam Backup and Replication v7, and how it will help you and your company to protect your company’s data better, improve RPO, and perhaps even save money. To get started. Softchoice offers an agnostic Storage TechCheck that can verify your storage utilization, determine peak performance and establish areas of cost savings.

To learn more about the products and services offered by Softchoice and Veeam, visit the brand store.

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