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2016 – The Year of the Software-Defined Data Center

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on February 16, 2016

We look back at how Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) contributed to the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing in 2015, and what you need to do in 2016 to reap its benefits.

Welcome to the future of virtualization
Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) This term refers to the idea of placing everything in the data center —servers, storage and networking—into a centrally-managed, fully virtualized and integrated system.

The journey towards a true software-defined data center can be long and treacherous and requires expert know-how, not just of VMware, but of both legacy and emerging technology from multiple vendors to create the stability and efficiency gains SDDC offers.

What we talked about in 2015
In 2015, Softchoice focused on creating thought leadership that helped you better understand the complexities of VMware products. We also covered major events that included new product announcements at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) and VMworld 2015.

We also discussed these popular topics
The problem with virtualization sprawl – and how to fix it

As you can see, virtual machine optimization, security, compliance and software-defined data center were hot topics of conversation with Softchoice clients.

Looking forward to 2016 – new offers from Softchoice
This year, we are excited to announce that new service offerings are on their way. Although they’re not quite ready for prime-time, they’re outlined in a little more detail below.

  1. Assess project complexity with full visibility of your IT infrastructure
    A complimentary VMware Licensing TechCheck, utilizes data from the VMware Installed Base Report (IBR). This is a master list of all VMware licenses purchased. The assessment provides visibility into all current licenses, end dates of support contracts and any gaps. Our VMware experts evaluate the findings and consolidate the broad data sets into actionable insights.
  2. Check solution suitability – before you commit
    Explorer services investigate the suitability for deploying advanced VMware services. vRealize Operations Advanced Explorer allows you to evaluate the pros and cons of adding this service within a client environment while Softchoice’s custom dashboards also help to validate the ROI on your VMware toolset investment.
  3. Remove the grunt work with a phased approach from discovery to installation
    Anyone embarking on the road to SDDC must plot their course accurately. We offer Software Defined Networking (SDN) Discovery Workshop that allows you to set your goals realistically by analyzing current investments, architectures and upcoming projects. Our VMware expert will spend time with you white-boarding SDDC and SDN architectures to develop a phased approach towards a software-defined future.
  4. Ensure a successful installation – the first time
    Similarly, vSAN Explorer enables you to engage with a our VMware Technical Architect to accomplish a successful installation of VMware Virtual SAN and enable the basic features of an all-flash or hybrid design. Both Accelerator services enable those deploying vRealize tools to understand the ideal use cases, determine the optimum architectural approach, design the solution and finally implement it.
  5. 5. Streamline ongoing management and monitoring
    Levering dashboards and reports help you to simplify and streamline adoption of these advanced VMware vSphere tools. You will gain the ability to monitor your VM’s, and build out self-service portals allowing users to be able to consume virtualized resources in a defined and programmatic way. These services help you reduce the amount of time and error to provision or move workflows.

How to prep for 2016 VMware projects
We recommend a full-visibility approach to your next virtualization project. A free Installed-Base Report (IBR) is the master list of all licenses a company purchased regardless of where the licenses were procured (VAR, OEM, VMware Direct etc). IBR’s provide visibility into all purchased licenses, end dates of support contracts and promotional products you may not be aware you own.

We developed our IBR assessment because our clients regularly ask us for help understanding their VMware licensing environment. If you have any questions about your environment, we invite you to reach out to us.

Request an IBR in just 3 clicks.

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