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A cost-effective way to accelerate your journey to the cloud. [VMware]

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 14, 2011 by David Mefford

As a datacenter professional, the ongoing challenge is to provide fast and secure access to core business applications, systems and data. Virtualization offers dramatic benefits for your x86-based server infrastructure: reduced costs, simplified disaster recovery and much more.

When you choose VMware vSphere as your hypervisor and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the guest operating system to run your applications, you are working with two vendors determined to give you the best support and performance, and the lowest price. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware, organizations can deploy a reliable, high-performance server operating system in their VMware vSphere environments at no cost.

>>Download the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server flyer to learn more about this product

NEW! Take Advantage of acquiring your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from VMware

The combination of VMware vSphere and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware provides you with a simple, cost-effective, enterprise solution to accelerate your journey to the cloud. You have access to an enterprise-class, mission-critical operating system that is optimized for performance on vSphere, the most complete and robust platform for building and deploying a private cloud. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware you will experience these benefits:

  • Lower cost of ownership – vSphere customers obtain access to an enterprise proven Linux operating system at no additional cost over VMware vSphere.
  • More efficient support – Obtain support for vSphere and SLES from a single vendor: VMware.
  • Improved IT agility – Every qualified vSphere license is automatically entitled to run unlimited number of SLES for VMware VMs, making it extremely simple to deploy new resources.
  • Lower risk – SLES for VMware offers up-to-date support and certification for applications as well as a high degree of interoperability among supported platforms.
  • Broad application support – SLES for VMware provides the most extensive application support among any enterprise Linux operating with more than 5,000 applications certified.

>> Download the SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for VMware Data Sheet to learn more about this new program.

 Why is VMware offering this solution to you?
VMware’s mission is to reduce IT complexity and provide customers a pragmatic path to the cloud. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is an industry supported and proven server operating system and VMware’s expanded technology partnership with SUSE is meant to further simplify and streamline deployment and support of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in VMware environments.

You will benefit from:

  • Easier, more cost effective way to deploy and maintain SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in vSphere environments
  • Integrated purchasing and support experience for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and vSphere
  • Broad application support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running on VMware vSphere
  • A single, streamlined solution for VMware virtual appliances


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