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IBM Storwize V5000: Affordable Flash Storage for Entry-level and Mid-Sized Datacenters

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 3, 2016 by Softchoice Advisor

Time to make room for Flash storage in your datacenter

Flash storage is standard in enterprise companies. It’s faster and more efficient than traditional spinning hard drives. Despite their high speed and outstanding performance, smaller organizations have been slow to adopt Flash storage due to their costs versus hard disk drives (HDD). The reality is – the price per gigabyte for flash storage has been steadily declining for years and it could be cost prohibitive to not have Flash in your data center for high-availability applications.

IBM’s Storwize V5000 All-Flash offerings let smaller organizations grow their data storage to their needs, embrace virtualization and build the bridge toward a Hybrid IT environment.

Why you should care

In a recent study, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed decision-makers about data storage priorities. The study uncovered a “hierarchy of needs.” At the top of the list was a common need for high data availability. High-performance applications are best suited to solid-state storage. But many companies use spinning media to provide low-cost capacity for other operations. Better performance at low cost leads data-centers to use various storage architectures.

The Solid-state architecture of Flash storage provides specific benefits in application performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership. The storage needs of most IT organizations don’t end there but also include ease of expansion and manageability of diverse storage options. IBM has responded with its IBM Storwize V5000 all-flash offerings. These allow companies to manage several different storage architectures as a single platform.

Benefits of Storwize

The three Storwize V5000 models use IBM Spectrum Virtualize technology to optimize performance. They offer a 5:1 compression ratio and need less physical storage. They can deliver 3 times more performance with only 5% flash storage. The entry-level price means Capex/Opex savings for small-scale datacenters, without compromise to higher-level functionalities.

IBM Storwize V5030 offers the best value proposition to small and mid-sized business data centers. It scales up to 504 drives and stores up to 2 PB per system (4 PB for two-way clustered systems). It also extends data virtualization to other storage systems. This allows legacy storage investments to inherit the same rich functionality and ease-of-use features.  Dual clustering permits bigger growth from smaller configurations.

IBM Real-Time Compression enables up to 5 times more storage by compressing data as much as 80%. IBM Easy Tier automates the migration of high-access data to better storage.  It also repositions data to the appropriate drive class based on I/O patterns. IBM Spectrum Virtualize includes encryption in the management layer, preventing more data security risks. Storwize V5030 offers non-disruptive storage and mobility between two datacenters. Using the IBM Hyper Swap function, it accelerates time-to-value from months to days.

The path towards Hybrid IT

Companies of all sizes will prioritize workloads in their organization around performance when adopting cloud and on-premise datacenters.  Products like Storwize V5030 helps smooth the way to Hybrid IT by offering virtualization and management capabilities to run an environment where Flash takes care of the critical workloads and HDD is used to archive data.

To learn more about IBM Storwize V5030, please email me

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