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April Data Center & Network Digest from SD-WAN to Hyperscale

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 15, 2019 by Arun Kirupananthan

Every month, we’re delivering a quick look at the biggest news and go beyond the buzz in the data center and networking transformation world.

This April, we are highlighting an all-new guide from Softchoice, digging into the true value of software defined networking (SD-WAN). From there, we cover everything from Azure and VMware updates, data center security and new market analysis about the software defined data center.

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Get the guide to SD-WAN

The software defined WAN is all the rage, promising more efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace. But is the cloud technology right for you? And how do you get started? Read our Beyond the Buzzword guide to find out.


software defined networking (SD-WAN) market is growing

SDN booming

New research shows the global Software Defined Data Center Market size is expected to grow from $33.5 billion in 2018 to $96.5 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 23.6% during the forecast period.


stay on track of your data center resolutions

Stay on track

5 ways to keep your 2019 data center resolutions: An infographic.


Where are you on your SD-WAN journey?

Two of three organizations will deploy SD-WAN by 2020 (IDC). Join Cisco and Softchoice to understand the key benefits of the technology and the best way to get started.


VMware announces updates for multi-cloud

VMware updates Cloud Foundation

VMware recently announced a series of product updates, all meant to simplify and unify its multi-cloud and hybrid IT products.


Using machine learning (ML) and AI for networking infrastructure

Smarter data center security

Find out why 83% of companies turn to machine learning and AI to defend their network infrastructure.


Azure launches hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Azure goes hyper (HCI)

Microsoft announces that Azure Stack will now support hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) designs.


behind the scenes look at Microsoft hyperscale

Hyperscale hot take

A behind the scenes look at Microsoft’s impressive hyperscale data center operations.


software defined networking (SD-WAN) offers more than network cost savings

SD-WAN: Beyond the bucks

See why SD-WAN offers more than just lower networking costs.


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