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Choosing a New Security Provider? Why We Like Trend Micro

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 23, 2014

Choosing the right security provider for your small business is no easy feat. These days, many security vendors push similar service offerings, making it difficult for businesses to discover and choose the right security solution. So what separates Trend Micro Worry-Free from the rest?

Trend Micro Worry-Free keeps computer resources working for you, the security administrator (as well as the user) by preventing business data from being shared – via email messages and USB drives. These key features are integrated right into the Trend Micro Worry-Free console with Exchange ActiveSync to ease mobile management. Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced also includes Microsoft Exchange server protection and Hosted Email Security to block spam in the cloud.

Why we like Trend Micro Worry-Free 9.0.

With our small business clients facing limited time, budgets, and expertise to manage an increasingly complex IT environment, our clients are asking for a solution that is easily deployed and requires minimal time and effort to manage. Trend Micro Worry-Free 9.0 is a small business security solution that delivers complete user protection for email, web activity, and file sharing that also includes integrated mobile device security. This means you will be able to consolidate all of your security products with one vendor, providing complete protection, simplified management and significant cost savings.

Who needs Micro Worry-Free 9.0 (and what the requirements are)

Trend Micro Worry-Free 9.0 is designed and optimized specifically for small businesses so non-IT staff are able to use it, and it is supported by all major platforms; Windows, Mac and mobile devices are all covered.

If you’re a security administrator, click here for the Adminstrators Guide to Trend Micro Worry-Free 9.0 Business Standard and Advanced Editions.

Why you should care about this solution

It’s tempting to purchase ad hoc solutions from multiple different vendors, with different product offerings for the web gateway, email, and server protection etc. This causes issues in management, as these products rarely work together and burn through resources, causing a noticeable increase in expenses. This single-vendor solution consolidates all of your security solutions under one umbrella, is supported across all major platforms and is optimized for management by non-IT personnel. This solution comes from a globally proven small business security market leader, so you know their product is trusted and has been proven effective.

Many businesses these days are moving to hybrid security solution deployments with on-premise and hosted Cloud solutionsHowever, with only one deployment option multiple deployment options, or incomplete features to choose from, deciding on the right solution becomes a cumbersome process. Worry-Free offers both a cloud and an on premise solution with complete protection, allowing you to deploy and protect your environment in the way you want without busting your wallet.

What you should do right now

From health checks to vulnerability and compliance reviews, Softchoice offers a complete suite of security assessments which will ensure we design the security solution you want. Give your Softchoice account manager a call right away or download our Softchoice Security Solutions PDF to learn more. As a free bonus: use the free trial download to evaluate the technology on your own terms and see for yourself exactly how Trend Micro Worry Free will help you.

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