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Cisco and Citrix Launch Rebranded NetScaler 1000v

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on July 26, 2013 by Jonathan White

Last month, Cisco, in partnership with Citrix, announced the expansion of their virtual networking portfolio with a custom version of Citrix’s NetScaler virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

As the BYOD trend continues to test IT infrastructures, virtual networking and programmable overlay networks have met the challenges of:

  • Limited scalability of network services bound to physical hardware
  • Ensuring virtual network security
  • Workload affecting application performance
  • Controlling data flowing through third-party cloud applications

However, according to Cisco: “As virtual networking and programmable overlay networks evolve to meet these challenges, an equal evolution needs to take place in Layer 4-7 application networking services and security to support widespread virtualization, application mobility, cloud architectures and network orchestration.”

2 Key Takeaways
If purchasing a Cisco NetScaler 1000V isn’t in your network roadmap today, make sure you read these 2 key takeaways before you go:

  1. Cisco resells and supports a custom version of Citrix’s ADC, renamed Citrix NetScaler 1000V, in their Cloud Network Services portfolio. The Cisco version of the product will be fully supported by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.
  2. The NetScaler ADC now integrates into Cisco’s virtual networking framework. This includes integration with the Cisco Nexus 1100 Cloud Service Platform and the Nexus 1000V services integration technology, vPath (Spoiler: vPath is a feature of the Nexus 1000V virtual switch that can redirect traffic to virtual application services before the switch sends the packets down into the virtual machine).

For tecchies – get the spec sheet here.

To recap: Application delivery controllers are network devices that make up part of an Application Delivery Network (ADN). In short, they remove load off web servers by performing common tasks demanded by websites and often sit between between the firewall or router and server cluster.

Cisco and Citrix launch rebranded NetScaler 1000v

With the Cisco NetScaler 1000V, Cisco aims to help organizations deploy virtual services to cloud service providers without modification, while relying on the same infrastructure and policies that they might have with corresponding physical appliances in their on-premises data centers. The goal is to achieve consistency across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

What you can do right now
Knowing the status of your network assets can improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. The Softchoice Network Discovery Assessment is a gap analysis exercise designed to give you practical, actionable insights to address common problem areas like over or under-buying in network maintenance contracts, missing firmware, and security vulnerabilities. The assessment also provides a framework and approach for maintaining network integrity and a common architecture as requirements change over time. Or it can be the baseline for a network upgrade or new architecture design.

What network challenges are you facing in the wake of BYOD? Leave a comment below and one of our network experts will get back to you.

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