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6 items you need to have in place before you begin modernizing your data center

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 13, 2017 by Liz Teodorini

In the rapidly changing world of technology, there are numerous things to consider before you make the change transition to Hybrid IT. A modernized data center can provide a more agile, efficient, and secure infrastructure, translating into cost savings for you and improved services for your customers. The success and ease of your implementation will depend largely on your planning, so we’ve provided a list of six items to have in place before you begin.

Business and IT goals
Identify your business and IT goals early on in the process. Are you looking to decrease costs? Improve your agility and the time it takes to deploy resources? Increase security? By clarifying and prioritizing the outcomes you hope to achieve, you can build them into your plan.

2. Cloud strategy
Assess how you currently interact with the cloud and, reflecting on your goals, what your strategy will be moving forward. Do you currently have resources in a public cloud provider, and if so, what are the monthly costs for those resources? Can you move workloads seamlessly between your premises and the cloud? Is that data secure?

3. Disaster recovery plan
Disasters happen, but they needn’t cripple you. Having a plan in place before there’s a problem will go a long way towards mitigating negative impacts. Do you backup on-premises or using another hosted environment? Do you have a back-up to a cloud service?

4. Backup plan
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) refer to the interval and duration of time during a disruption after which there are unacceptable consequences, data loss, or break in continuity. These guide you in your choice of an optimal data backup plan. Do you know the RTO and RPO objectives that are currently in place? Are you aware of other types of backup options?

5. Planned mergers and acquisition activities
Are there plans to integrate or acquire in the future? Do you have a requirement for short burst workloads for seasonal business? Awareness of and planning for future activities that might affect the scale of your operations is a crucial step in your planning.

6. Security
Assess your current data center infrastructure. Do you have security concerns? Are you aware of the current risks in a highly virtualized environment? Are you able to pass an audit? Understanding the risks and rewards of modernization will help you keep the integrity of your system during transformation.



Data center modernization is a robust project, but by ensuring you have these six items in place from the beginning, you can maximize your efficiency and minimize disruptions.

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