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Dell World 2014: The 4 most notable data center announcements

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 24, 2014

From Nov 5th – 7th 2014 I attended Dell World 2014 held in Austin, TX. Outside of the fact Michael Dell is well known for loving 80s music (2013 was Billy Idol, this year Duran Duran headlined a night that open with Weezer), Dell also made number of revolutionary Enterprise announcements at the event and I’d like to take you through 4 of the most notable:

#1 PowerEdge FX Architecture, PowerEdge FX2 Chassis

The FX is a modular server architecture (available in December), that follows the lead of HP’s Moonshot and Cisco’s M Series. Dell pilot customers say they like the FX because of its high density, versatility and modular nature. The FX allows you to deploy multiple server environments based on one common architecture that is compatible with traditional server environments and, at the same time, future-proofed for tomorrow’s converged world of IT.

What makes it unique? The PowerEdge FX architecture removes storage from the server modules and places it inside a single chassis -making it available to multiple servers. The PowerEdge FX architecture includes the PowerEdge FX2 chassis, this is a 2U converged enclosure sharing power, cooling, management and PCI connectivity capable of integrating a mix of server, storage and networking solutions.

#2 Compellent SC4020 All-Flash Storage Arrays for SMB

Dell introduced a low-cost entry-level all-flash version of its SC4020 storage array with a starting price of $25,000 aimed at SMB customers. The SC4020 is an all‐flash enterprise array for the price of a traditional HDD solution. Dell said it was able to lead with the low price point by using read-intensive SSDs, instead of optimizing the device for write-intensive operations.  This is a great low price, but I think the use of read-intensive SSD limits its appeal to just read-intensive applications.

#3 EqualLogic PS4210 Hybrid Flash, Hybrid HD Storage Array

Dell rolled out its PS4210 Series storage arrays that offer improved performance and advanced connectivity options for entry‐level primary storage. The PS4210 is a hybrid (flash and HDD) and fits into Dell’s entry‐level PS Series portfolio, which is targeted for small to medium virtualized data centers and remote offices.

The PS4210 is designed to be fully compatible and interoperable with all previous Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays and are optimized for scale‐out solutions. The Dell Storage PS4210 Series arrays are now available worldwide.

#4 Dell XC Series of Web-Scale Converged Nutanix Appliances

Dell unveiled availability of the Dell XC Series of Web‐scale converged appliances based on the Nutanix software running on Dell’s own PowerEdge R720XD servers.

The appliances will be available in five SKUs each designed for different workloads. Each model will feature two Intel CPUs, two or four 400-GB or 800-GB SSDs, four to ten hard drives, and two GB Ethernet ports.

The Dell XC Series Series of web‐scale converged appliances, designed for integrated compute and enterprise storage, with support for VMware ESXi and Microsoft Windows Hyper‐V, are now available since a November 11, 2014 release.

What does it all mean?

These announcements show that Dell is positioning offerings that allow clients to transform and future-proof their data centers without having to do costly “forklift” or rip-and-replace upgrades.

Forces like cloud computing,  mobility, big data, the internet of things and software-defined IT make new IT application and workload types increasingly relevant to companies typically operating traditional IT processes, and underscore the need for IT solutions that optimize the differences with traditional and new applications.

As the Product Marketing Manager for Dell at Softchoice, I want you to know that Softchoice is a Dell National Solution Partner (along with other key players) and we will provide an unbiased opinion on the right solution for your organization. When you’d like to learn more about Softchoice’s dedicated Dell team, current deals, and the latest tech news and content from Dell and Softchoice, please contact me directly, or visit our Dell hub.

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