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EMC Launches ExtremIO All-Flash Array with a $1M Guarantee

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on July 17, 2014

On July 8th, EMC announced XtremIO 3.0. EMC is so confident in their all-flash array, they are offering $1 Million to the first XtremIO customer whose deduplication shuts off or who experiences system level garbage collection.

For anyone unfamiliar, EMC acquired XtremIO in 2012 as its bid into the Flash storage game.

EMC released version 3.0 as a simple software upgrade, so there is no need to rip and replace existing systems or make new investment in additional hardware.

What is XtremIO?

XtremIO writes the data to memory vs. writing data to flash like other solutions. This minimizes latency as the array workload increases, something other flash systems often struggle with. Scale this architecture out, and you have a behemoth on your hands. Watch this data center scale demonstration below for an example.

Why we like XtremIO

Being able to vastly reduce array latency for intense workloads such as Virtual Desktops (VDI) , Virtual Servers (VSI) and Databases & Analytics is compelling enough of a reason to warrant a look at this system. But EMC didn’t stop there, they beefed up this solution with 2x faster SSD rebuilds, 2x the bandwidth, 2x faster virtual machine provisioning and 50% more database performance.

Writeable snapshots? They can do that too. In one example, they consolidated workloads of 185TB of storage down to only 20TB and increased the number of database copies from 10 to 19 copies on 10TB of actual application data.

Why you should care

You may think, “Hey, sounds great, but no way can I afford or find a place in my environment for a solution that can do all that!” Wrong. XtremIO, or “X-Brick” short, comes in a variety of flavors starting out as an X-brick of 5TB RAW up to a 6 Brick stack with 120TB RAW capacity. That doesn’t include deduplication and EMC’s secret sauce that can further compress this data by 2x-4x – theoretically achieving 1PB of storage.

At the same time, most people are concerned about managing a mixed environment of hardware for fear of the hardware not “playing nice” with the other equipment. Behold the glory of ViPR 2.0 which is the gateway to the 3rd Platform with Software Defined Storage. ViPR 2.0 works with EMC, 3rd Party and commodity storage arrays. ViPR takes the fear out of managing multiple platforms. Get an unlimited free trial with 50TB free.

Why work with Softchoice

Flash Storage is the hottest commodity on the market, 40% of EMC customers already have installed at least 1 X-Brick. However, it’s not the most affordable storage solution, and you could waste a lot of money applying it to inappropriate workloads. You shouldn’t be planning your next storage purchase or refresh without first talking to a Softchoice Storage Architect to see if XtremIO is the right fit for your environment.

What you should do right now

Check out the entire 2 hour product announcement (and magic) show where EMC talks about VMAX, ViPR 2.0 and Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

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