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Everything found in a traditional data center is now available in one (invisible) appliance

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 13, 2015 by Melissa Marks O'Dell

Traditional data centers use a 3-tier approach comprised of servers hosting virtual machines, storage networks, and storage arrays. There is so much power and capability inherent in modern systems, it requires the right architecture to unleash its full potential. While this design has led to flexibility on the server side, it has also led to significant challenges for storage.

If modern data centers are being held back by traditional storage architecture, where are bottlenecks created, and how can a single appliance change that?

Three ways the traditional storage architecture stifles throughput
First, specialty resources are still needed to maintain the traditional storage architecture. Teams are left stretched thin and have limited time to focus on what matters most: innovation and real business priorities.

Second, requirements still need to be planned out 3-5 years in advance, which means teams are either over purchasing, or running out of capacity and stifling business, which could require them to rip and replace sooner than planned in order to get the additional capacity needed.

Lastly, performance is limited by the I/O at the storage controller, causing an inherent bottleneck. While there are lot of new technologies that try to mask some of the storage challenges and speed up parts of the process, teams are still using components that were not built for virtualization, and the bottleneck remains.

Converged infrastructure was an early solution — hyperconvergance is the next logical step
An early answer to such issues was infrastructure convergence. Under a converged approach, a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software was provided by one vendor. As it exists within a single chassis, this minimized compatibility issues and simplified management. While this represented a step forward, the proprietary boxes were still too expensive. The issue of complexity was still not addressed, nor was it any easier to manage.

Hyperconvergence combines compute, storage, networking and virtualization in one box
The Nutanix platform is a software-driven infrastructure solution that natively converges these elements into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in minutes and run any application out of the box. Data center capacity can be easily expanded one node at a time with no disruption, delivering linear and predictable scalability with pay-as-you-grow flexibility. This level of integration is why it’s touted as invisible, since there is so little set up and management compared to a traditional data center.

The sheer simplicity of its functionality is a big reason why major publications call this the ‘invisible’ infrastructure
Everything you would find in traditional data center architecture is now available in one appliance. As a result, even companies with a small IT team can learn to use this hyperconverged platform very easily. Its web-based console manages the entire stack, leaving IT more time to focus on application delivery instead.

When infrastructure is this easy to manage, it truly becomes invisible
Nutanix removes constraints so that applications drive your infrastructure decisions and not the other way around. With invisible infrastructure, you can focus on the applications and services that really power the business as well as eliminate guesswork and over provisioning. You only need to buy what you need. Some customers have seen a 40-60% reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx, and up to a 90% reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor.

Find out if the Nutanix hyperconvergence approach is right for you. Softchoice provides a holistic view of your infrastructure via its Integrated Infrastructure TechCheck to let you see if your environment is a good fit for a hyperconverged solution.

For a complete Nutanix product overview, watch this video:

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