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UPDATED: Everything you need to know about Veritas

Security | Posted on October 5, 2015 by Emily A. Davidson

As of October 3rd 2015, Veritas has once again become an independent company. If you use Veritas products, stop searching, we have all the info you need to know.

Editor’s note: please check the headers for updated information by section.

Veritas is charting a new course to run independently beginning October 3rd, 2015

Don’t worry. It’s business as usual. Softchoice is actively dealing with all the necessary changes in terms of procurement, ordering and invoicing in the background, so you can concentrate on using your Symantec and Veritas technology without interruption.

Veritas FAQ event

Updated: How did Veritas get to where it is today?

  • October 9, 2014 – Symantec announces split “…into two, independent publicly traded companies: one business focused on security and one business focused on information management.”
  • Jan 28, 2015 – Veritas is given original name back and Symantec announces intent for it become a solo public company
  • Aug 11, 2015 –  Michael A. Brown reached agreement to sell Veritas to Carlyle group for $6.3 Billion in net cash proceeds
  • Oct 3, 2015 – Veritas completed the operational separation from Symantec

The final steps in separating Veritas from Symantec will occur later this year, as the sale to Carlyle group reaches completion.

What are the changes in licensing, purchasing and support?

Your interactions with Symantec regarding your enterprise security solutions will remain unchanged. However, interactions regarding anything NEW related to Veritas will change:

  • Licensing portal and licensing key process.
  • Buying programs.
  • Contacts for Veritas support (e.g. technical support, product support, etc.)
  • Contact details to access self-service customer and technical support for Veritas solutions will be provided later in October.
  • Website to access product information, business support knowledge bases, and to create and manage cases.
  • Case numbers for clients who have open cases for their Veritas products at the time of separation.

As of Oct 3rd 2015, Veritas solution support for information management solutions will become the same process.

When will the Veritas website go live? is now live. Partners and customers will be able to find Veritas products, services, training and licensing, and the latest information management trends, on a new mobile-friendly website. The portfolio will focus on:

  • BackupVERITAS_LOGO_RED_1600x400
  • eDiscovery
  • Archiving
  • Storage
  • Availability

Veritas’ updated focus is “Ensuring information works for business by making it visible and manageable,” (Symantec). Overall, it looks like they will continue in backup and recovery while Symantec is going to focus on data protection. Update: In an update to partners on October 7, 2015 Veritas states “Now that Veritas has operationally separated from Symantec, any communications will come directly from Veritas. The web site and specific resources dedicated to your needs have launched.

Updated: Veritas has expanded on 3 focus areas

A new partnership with Carlyle group will offer the following advantages to clients:

  1. Focus on Customers – Carlyle’s acquisition of Veritas allows us to simplify our processes to specifically focus on how you pursue, process and use solutions to manage your information.
  2. Stronger Portfolio & Innovation – Carlyle will strive to provide Veritas with the resources to help accelerate innovations and execute more quickly on our information management strategy, to bring you solutions to address your needs sooner.
  3. Executive Experts and Continuity – Carlyle announced the executives who will lead Veritas as the Chairman and CEO. These leaders, Bill Krause – Chairman, and Bill Coleman – CEO, have extensive experience leading technology and information management businesses, and they recognize the opportunities Veritas creates for our customers. They will be partnering with the current Veritas leadership team who will continue delivering on the strategy and leading the experienced employee base dedicated to serving the information management market.

What do I really need to know about the Veritas transition?

While Veritas will operationally separate from Symantec, there are four aspects that will take a bit longer to establish:

  1. Access is changing: Access will be provided to client account members either by the customer account administrator or as part of every new entitlement created for that account. Access credentials will be provided to the customer’s email address as part of the order fulfillment process.
  2. New SKUs and order expiry: If you have received a quote for a Veritas product recently, the SKUs have changed and your order may no longer be valid. We are working hard to update our systems with the new SKUs and our account rep should have reached out to notify you if your order was affected.
  3. The look and feel of many Veritas products will continue to show Symantec: Veritas plans to rebrand their information management products over the next few months.
  4. Some Veritas products will still contain Symantec code: Some portions of Veritas products that contain Symantec code, or references to Symantec web assets, will continue to function as intended during the transition.

Updated: How do I set up Veritas as a vendor in my system?

The Veritas separation team says that: You can now access all of the Veritas Vendor Setup Forms. If you order directly or require more information about Veritas as a manufacturer/supplier, please visit this page to download the relevant PDF for your Veritas Selling Entity, Region & Currency. These forms cover standard Vendor Setup information such as addresses, ordering contact details, bank remittance information, billing contact details, etc. If you require more detailed information than is provided in the Veritas Vendor Setup Form please contact your Distributor or Partner Success Manager, or one of the Support Contacts listed below under “Contacting Veritas”.

Updated: How do I contact Veritas?

Outstanding support from Veritas is a click or call away. New Veritas telephone numbers, webpages, and other online resources were effective on October 3rd, while Symantec business and product support will not change. Open support cases for Veritas products as of October 3rd will continue to resolution, but you will receive new Veritas case numbers to track status.

How does the separation affect Veritas licensing?

Product, software license, maintenance/support and service entitlement data for all Veritas products and services will be available to entitlement owners and their delegates in the Veritas™ Licensing Portal at The Veritas Licensing Portal allows access to all entitlement data including activation data, license key generation and product downloads, purchased under each customer account.

If you are a Symantec Licensing Portal user today, your existing login credentials will also work in the Veritas Licensing Portal. If you have any issues accessing the Veritas™ Licensing Portal, please contact Veritas’ Customer Care.

Will Softchoice partner with the Veritas?

Yes! Softchoice is partnering with Veritas and we have dedicated Veritas experts to help.

Updated: Do I need to do anything right now?

Below are the recommended actions to take if you think you use Veritas products:

  • Check for any Veritas products in your environment
  • Upgrade or patch your products to keep them current. You can manage licensing entitlements at MyVeritas
  • Ensure your procurement contacts are up to date, so you receive new access information
  • Re -bookmark the Veritas Transition Microsite to keep abreast of new updates
  • Register to attend the live webinar event below:

Veritas FAQ event

If you would like to contact Symantec Customer Care, the regional support contacts are listed below. We will update existing Veritas contact information once it becomes available.

  • Email
  • United States: 1-800-721-3934
  • Canada: 1 800 634 4747

If you would like to contact Veritas Customer Care, the regional support contacts are repeated below:

  • United States: 1-866-837-4827
  • Canada (English): 1-844-287-9412
  • Canada (French): 1-844-885-5611

If you’re not sure what Veritas products you have in your environment, check out the next section to learn how our Backup TechCheck will tell you everything you need to know.

What is a Backup TechCheck?

Led by a Softchoice certified consultant, the Softchoice Backup TechCheck provides a fact-based portrait of the current backup and recovery infrastructure and identifies opportunities with next steps that informs cost savings, performance improvements and capacity planning. Learn more by downloading our Backup TechCheck one-pager.

We will update this post as soon as we receive any new updates.

This post is updated as of Oct 13, 2015. At Softchoice, we want to assure our clients with Veritas products experience the smoothest transition possible. If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to your Softchoice account manager.

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