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How EMC built a hybrid cloud in just 48 hours

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on December 10, 2015

Given the time, tools and budget to work on it, see how this team built a hybrid cloud in just 48 hours!

Unlike a hybrid cloud, public clouds are the easy option. You just enter a few details over a web browser, agree to the terms and begin using services instantly. Hidden behind the scene, however, is architectural complexity that facilitates the delivery of storage, compute and other cloud-based resources. That’s really what cloud providers get paid for – to mask the myriad of details from the user.

The public cloud may not be for everyone
Security concerns, privacy requirements, application needs, and cost containment are some of the reasons companies wish to deploy hybrid cloud environments. This allows them to place basic workloads or less sensitive data in the public cloud and everything else in a private cloud of their own design.

The hybrid cloud does not come with an instruction manual
Putting the pieces together is complex and unique to every business. Questions arise such as how secure is the cloud and what data should be on which part of the cloud. And more importantly, enterprises need to leverage public and private cloud resources seamlessly and place applications in the right cloud at the right cost with the appropriate level of security and performance.

Bottom line: It isn’t easy to deploy a hybrid cloud environment. It takes extensive integration and this means that a long runway is in store for any IT department attempting to erect one on its own. The good news is that the EMC Hybrid Cloud Solution provides you with the support you need to simplify the entire process.

EMC and Softchoice will help you deliver an operational hybrid cloud
That enables integrated management of workloads in both private and public clouds. This delivers an always-on Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Anything-as-a-Service architecture that automates resource provisioning, cloud operations and IT service costs through a self-service portal.

The EMC hybrid cloud consists of many elements including:

  • VMware vRealize Suite to manage cloud resources
  • EMC ViPR Controller, EMC PowerPath/VE, and EMC Storage Analytics as the brains behind the entire operation, providing storage automation, centralized storage management, a self-service catalog, SAN multipathing for higher performance, and the ability to diagnose issues across physical storage and virtual machines
  • A choice of storage from EMC from VNX, XtremIO, Isilon, ScaleIO, or the VMAX storage system
  • A choice of VCE Vblock Systems or VxRack Systems

You can also add your choice of data protection options from EMC Avamar and Data Domain, RecoverPoint, and VPLEX.

In addition to rapid installation, EMC conducts in-depth testing and validation to ensure all components work together harmoniously. EMC can also create custom-engineered design templates with pre-determined service levels for different applications.

Softchoice has a dedicated team of EMC architects at your disposal
To help businesses understand the many facets of the EMC Hybrid Cloud Solution and how it can and should be employed in your organization.

In addition, Softchoice offers a library of holistic data center TechChecks that ensure success via an assessment-led approach to your hybrid cloud project. These TechChecks provide full visibility into your IT infrastructure, guided by an expert, who can ensure you pick just the right products to build an efficient hybrid cloud to serve your business.

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