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HyperConverged 380: HPE’s new virtual machine vending machine

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on June 27, 2016 by Douglas Thornburg

IT change is completely inevitable. All businesses need to be aware that doing the same old thing the same old way, is the express off-ramp to extinction and that ‘doing everything differently’ is the new normal. Stevie Wonder sang it beautifully, “Everybody’s got a thing / But some don’t know how to handle it.”

All of our clients have invested in technology over time. Most of them have a data center full of old projects, unfulfilled promises, unused virtual machines and unkempt investments.

‘Doing everything differently’ is the new normal
Applications which took years to design, test, engineer, document, train, and roll-out, that cost a fortune, are now Apps, which are generated over a weekend. They are easy-to-use, insanely cheap, and subject to three revisions before lunchtime.

Old-style thinking gets in the way of this flow, and is avoided or subverted. The rogue employee with the idea and a credit card gets his application on the street overnight and IT is blamed for runaway cloud costs that come with it.

Today, when you need a VM provisioned, you need it NOW.
If you’re researching commodity hardware, with no instrumentation for monitoring, or provisioning for remote operations, you may be looking at a new wrapper on the old style of IT.

HPE’s new HyperConverged 380, based on the familiar Proliant DL380, is a Virtual Machine Vending Machine. With HPE’s user experience front-end, a pair of HC380s can be up and provisioned VMs on demand, in minutes. From out-of-the-box to building-the-business, that fast. On a platform with nine generations of enterprise design, support, and operational thinking built-in. And with the ability to cluster up to 16 nodes for super-power performance.

HPE vending machine virtual machine

HC380, with OneView management software, is built to integrate with Synergy Composable Infrastructure, HPE’s forward-looking compute of the future, ready for photonic interconnects, non-VonNeumann architectures, and whatever else is hurtling at the windshield. Ready to be a resource pool to a composer full of templates, using and releasing resources at the speed and demand of business.

HPE virtual machine hybridIT

It feels like rapid innovation is outpacing IT’s ability to evaluate options
When considering a solution like this, you’re looking at the possibilities of Hyperconverged, Public or Private Cloud and trying to decide which one is right for your business.

Softchoice’s Datacenter TechCheck Assessment is ideal for organizations that want to understand the performance of their current infrastructure components to better evaluate and plan for enhanced application delivery. The insights derived from the Softchoice Datacenter TechCheck provide the foundation for a transformational journey by delivering a fact-based portrait of the current state environment to aid future planning.

IT leaders will also learn what similar organizations are doing within their datacenters. All of this provides new ideas and options tailored to your business and environment for delivering applications more efficiently.

To learn more, download the Softchoice DataCenter TechCheck Overview or reach out to your account manager for more information.

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