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IBM PureFlex is fast: Get revved up over speedy new way to upgrade [IBM]

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 17, 2012 by Emily A. Davidson

Picture all of the parts that make up your IT foundation. Much like an automobile, each year manufacturers produce new models and update parts to make the latest data center faster and more efficient than the last. Preparing your car for the open highway is much like updating your IT foundation: there are many interacting parts to consider, and while you pore over the best map, the odometer ticks.

An IT assessment of your infrastructure can help you decide which parts to replace and which parts can stay.

IBM PureFlex is a factory-integrated and optimized set of hardware. It allows you to build your system infrastructure with integrated management, automation and optimization expertise built in. PureFlex is part of PureSystems, a new family of converged infrastructure products from IBM.

PureFlex comes in three pre-configured set ups or a built-to-order set up. A pre-configured infrastructure is like driving a brand new car off the lot. A built-to-order infrastructure is like dropping new parts and a bossy new powertrain into the car you already have. Regardless, if you want a rip-and-replace infrastructure or simply hardware upgrades, PureFlex manages all of the new hardware and integrates nicely with old hardware.PureFlex can come with hardware that is preconfigured for auto provisioning and scalability, so you know you’re setting up a solid private Cloud foundation for when you’re ready to make the move.

Under the hood of PureFlex

On a technical level, it’s codified best practices for presetting configuration options by type of selected web application (e.g. high availability, high security, etc.). On a simple level, it’s a pre-configured IT infrastructure.

Simply order the servers, storage and networking hardware that’s best for your organization and you receive a box carrying a fully integrated next-generation platform pre-loaded with management software. Then, power it up. You will notice a pre-loaded UI, work through a brief wizard and relax while the system recognizes the technology in the box. No more connecting cables, entering worldwide names, zoning the infrastructure and all of that rack n’ stack.

In recent years, IBM has focused on open standards but there is a need for integrating legacy and 3rd party solutions. IBM has made a hairpin turn with PureFlex because it’s compatible across hypervisors, operating systems and open infrastructures.

How to order

IBM offers a built-to-order set up, and these three pre-defined options:

  1. Express PureFlex  – The most affordable entry point and a starting line to integrate NGP in a small area like QA or test DEV environment
  2. Standard PureFlex  – Adds a level of management to the infrastructure for application servers with supporting storage and networking and integration of additional cloud functionality
  3. Enterprise PureFlex  – Set up mostly for large enterprises buying a rack at a time. This set up includes redundancy for resilient operation, infrastructure for transactional and database systems and additional cloud functionality.

PureFlex takes advantage of proven best practices and expertise for complex tasks learned from decades of client and partner engagements that IBM captured, lab tested, optimized and then built into the system.

Discover IBM PureFlex now

What does this mean for me?

As part of the IBM PureSystems family and to complement PureFlex, IBM also offers PureApplication to simplify the management and provisioning of applications running on your PureFlex hardware.

From beginning to virtualize or optimize to the final phases of  standardization and automation, every business is somewhere along the road to Cloud computing. Regardless of your stage, you will need to take advantage of newer technology and easier ways to manage your infrastructure.

To learn more about IBM PureFlex, download our ebook: “Your IT light is on:  get revved up over a speedy new way to upgrade” or contact your Softchoice representative.

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