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Lenovo and Nutanix: allies in datacenter innovation

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on July 29, 2016 by Softchoice Advisor

As innovation takes center stage of the data center conversation, find out why Lenovo and Nutanix are partners in hyper-convergence, and the new product family they have to offer.

Back in November 2015, Lenovo and Nutanix jointly announced their OEM strategic partnership to develop, market and sell a new family of Lenovo hyper-converged appliances powered by Nutanix software.

A partnership to reduce the cost of hyper-convergence

The result of this partnership combines Lenovo enterprise systems with Nutanix hyper-converged software appliances to form the Lenovo Converged HX Series family of products. With sizable investments by both companies in joint platform development and performance engineering, the partnership aims to reduce IT complexity and cost for clients.

The advantages of hyper-converged infrastructure

As explained in the video above, hyper-converged systems consolidate servers, storage, and virtualization into one virtual structure easily managed in scale-out clusters through a single interface. Storage and compute across the different nodes in the cluster are pooled as a single shared virtual resource for more efficient utilization.

HX Series appliances have been designed with customized models, each optimized for specific workloads, including some that offer massive scalability:

Lenovo Converged HX 1000 Series
Lenovo Converged HX 2000 Series
Lenovo Converged HX 3000 Series
Lenovo Converged HX 5000 Series
Lenovo Converged HX 7000 Series

Lenovo and Nutanix use case:

Wikibon completed a comparative case study about Lenovo/Nutanix’s hyper-convergence solution for a Microsoft application environment. It compares a traditional cost-optimized white box approach, a Lenovo/Nutanix converged infrastructure approach using VMware, and a Lenovo/Nutanix converged infrastructure with Nutanix Acropolis as the virtualization layer.

According to Wikibon, “The case study results support the Wikibon premise that this converged environment is a win-win environment for vendors, ISVs and enterprise IT. Most importantly, it is a win-win between IT and the lines of business, giving IT infrastructure far greater flexibility and agility to enable change, and deliver better applications faster to the organization.”

Read the study

What you can do right now

For many clients, it must feel like as they spend months implementing one strategic IT project, a better, faster solution comes out of the woodwork that requires more money and more skill training. However, the speed of innovation can no longer be ignored. 44 zettabytes: That’s how much data there will be on the planet by 2020, far more data than traditional SAN-based IT infrastructures can ever hope to process, store, and analyze.

Lenovo and Softchoice will relieve the pressure to transform your business

Softchoice and Lenovo’s strategic partnership can help you optimize your business with industry leading IT asset management and datacenter transformation solutions. Softchoice clients do not feel the pressure to transform IT, because it’s what our Solutions Architects do for them every day. Using a unique Datacenter TechCheck Assessment  delivered by highly certified Solutions Architects our clients simply offload the planning, design and delivery of their IT projects to us – even if it means covering day-to-day management and monitoring of the environment.

Learn more by downloading the Datacenter TechCheck Assessment brief, or visiting to learn more. If you would like to contact a resource directly, simply email or leave a comment below.


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