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Protect Office 365 data like it’s in your own data center with EMC

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on July 28, 2015

Like many businesses, you’ve embraced Office 365 because it offers enhanced management, productivity and significant cost savings. And even though you’re not managing the infrastructure, you still need to carefully protect your data stored in the cloud.

A solution has arrived that provides Office 365 admins a comprehensive data backup solution for Office 365 data, in a way that’s fast, easy and flawless.

One of the big challenges with Office 365 is that it doesn’t protect against accidental or malicious deletion of files, and a deleted mailbox is not recoverable after 30 days. This means you must implement your own backup to ensure your data is protected, and retrievable if needed.

Spanning by EMC has recently introduced Spanning Backup Office 365, a backup and restore solution for Office 365. We think it’s definitely worth a look. Not only does it provide superior backups for Office 365, it protects against file and mailbox deletion that’s always been challenging with Office. It also gives you the ability to back up your Office 365 data to another location, adding one more level of protection. And it’s easy to use – even end users can quickly find and restore data with little or no training.  Here’s what it offers:

  • Automated and on-demand backups. Mail, Calendar and People data is backed up daily, or can be backed up as needed.
  •  Quick and easy restore. Spanning makes it easy to find lost data quickly, and restore it to the original user’s account, or another user’s account. It allows you to access a backed up version of all data from any point in time, and restore to any previous known-good state with 100% accuracy. Spanning also helps reduce the burden on IT, as users can easily restore lost data themselves.
  • Powerful administrator control. With Spanning, administrators can customize backup settings and manage user licenses easily. A detailed status history allows you monitor and resolve backup errors. The Admin audit log also provides an immutable, detailed record of all administrator and user actions, which can be critical if you have heavy compliance reporting needs. You can also set up automatic status update emails with backup status summaries – for daily, weekly or monthly summaries. Or you can elect to not get status emails at all.
  •  Highly secure. Spanning implements a number of ways to protect your data including SSAE 16 compliance, strong encryption, third-party certifications and audits, intrusion detection and compartmentalized access.
  • Always on. Spanning Backup offers a 99.9% uptime SLA, ensuring that backups run smoothly, and you always have access to your backed up data.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 is available with a yearly user license fee, and comes with unlimited storage and backup versions. Spanning has been offering an excellent backup solution for Google Apps and Salesforce for some time now, and they’ve applied their same reliability, functionality and security to their solution for Office 365. It’s available at a price point that suggests all small and medium sized businesses should be seriously considering this.

Sound interesting?  Softchoice is ready to help.

Softchoice offers a complete end-to-end solution for organizations that don’t have in-house resources, or prefers to have dedicated resources spend their time on more innovative initiatives. For more information on Spanning Backup for Office 365, contact us today to speak with a Softchoice security expert. We’ll help you understand whether this solution is right for you.

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