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Predicting the Unpredictable: The vCloud Air Network

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on March 30, 2015

Learn about a solution that eliminates the zombie hardware or Virtual Machine (VM) underutilization that is eating up space, power, cooling, and software licensing in your data center right now.

The purchases you made to meet short-term resource demands create ‘zombie’ hardware

User requirements and business projects come and go at an extremely rapid pace. Over time, such swelling and shrinking of the IT footprint causes zombie VMs. Zombie VMs are virtual machines spun up to facilitate a project that is later abandoned or cancelled. Then, no one informs IT to recapture storage and software licensing tied to it. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate zombie VMs through the use of monitoring and capacity management tools.

Is there was a better way to handle the swelling and shrinking of IT?

Rather than purchase new hardware to handle unpredictable workloads, an IT department can rent compute, storage, networking, and VMware software licensing capacity on a temporary basis.

Some IT departments may even prefer to offload the operational expenses of maintaining a datacenter – such as power and cooling – and operate workloads offsite at a cloud service provider on a continual basis, essentially ceasing the expansion of their internal datacenter altogether.

While there are many competing cloud providers out there, the VMware vCloud Air Network is unique in that it is powered by VMware vSphere. Virtual machines move easily between the on-premise datacenter and the cloud provider’s datacenter without the convoluted conversion processes usuallly required.

What’s The Difference Between vCloud Air and vCloud Air Network?

vCloud Air, as defined by VMware, is a hybrid cloud platform of infrastructure services that enables you to extend your workloads into the public cloud with ease.

vCloud Air Network is for Service Providers who want to provide VMware services to their end users via their unique hosting capabilities. vCloud Air Network solves many of the issues that Service Providers are faced with when it comes to managing their own resources and hardware utilization for their end users as described above.

Two questions to determine if you need vCloud Air Network

When making the final determination if vCloud Air Network is the right fit for your organization, we always recommend talking with your dedicated Softchoice Account Team. However, if you are still kicking the tires and curious if this is even a path to consider, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. Are you hosting services on behalf of a 3rd party?
  2. Do you own/lease the hardware running your VMware environment or does a 3rd party?

If you are hosting on behalf of a 3rd party and you own the physical hardware, then you definitely should be taking advantage of vCloud Air Network to provide superior service to your end users. If you want the end user to own their own equipment and you just want to manage their environment from more of a maintenance perspective, then vCAN may not be the most efficient licensing option for you and your end user.

In fact, it is a requirement of vCAN that you own the equipment hosting the VMware environment on behalf of a 3rd party. If you are a business looking for someone to host your environment (because perhaps you may not have the staff with the experience, or you don’t have the budget for operating such an environment) you should certainly seek a Service Provider (like Softchoice) that is an authorized vCloud Air Network provider.

Did you know Softchoice is a vCloud Air Network Aggregator?

Softchoice is uniquely positioned to facilitate a business’ transition into the cloud and facilitate the growth of their cloud services provider in the role of vCloud Air Network Aggregator.

Softchoice is one of only three vCloud Air Network Aggregators in North America. As an Aggregator, Softchoice acts as a special class of VMware licensing reseller that is authorized to rent VMware licensing to the vCloud Air Network cloud service provider, allowing their offerings to be fluid and flexible in alignment with their client demands.  We provide our technical expertise to ensure the service provider is equipped with the appropriate licensing to meet their clients’ demands and program expertise to maintain licensing compliance with VMware.

To learn more about vCloud Air Network, book a free consultation with one of our VMware experts, who will be happy to take you through this solution and answer any specific questions you have. Simply contact your account manager, or email our vmware team today.

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