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Symantec’s new Enterprise Solution plugs security holes. Here’s how.

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 4, 2014 by Jeremy Bandley

Product licensing, coupled with a licensing scheme that lacks uniformity and consistency, creates security gaps you may not notice right away. Symantec aims to solve that problem by offering the Enterprise Solution. The key to this offering is the flexibly of the licensing structure, and the product set.

What is Symantec’s Enterprise Solution?
The Symantec Enterprise Solution simplifies product licensing by offering a single SKU when you purchase multiple security products from a single vendor, in this case, Symantec. This way, you get the best of both worlds, a layered approach to security and a licensing structure thats easier to manage.

The point products in the Enterprise Solution offering go a long way to helping mitigate the risks of just connecting you system to the outside world:

1. Protection Suite Enterprise Edition
This is an agent based program that protects desktop, laptops, and servers. With a combination of behavioral based protection, traditional security definition – along with reputation cross-checking of documents you download, and a robust browser component for this drive by attacks we mentioned earlier.

Also included is two virtual gateways – one for HTTP and one for SMTP traffic. The web gateway is a security appliance that sits behind your firewall, and looks at both inbound as well as outbound traffic. The messaging gateway is used for protection your mail traffic. If you chose you have to option to use the web appliance or you can use the protection by installing on you exchange or domino servers. The last part of the Protection Suite Enterprise Edition is the ability to back up your server systems with System Recovery.

2. Client Management Suite
For me this is one of the most important ones. The first thing hackers learn is to go after strong, known vulnerabilities, since few people patch their systems. With Client Management Suite you are able to inventory what software is on the system, know how many times those applications have been opened and used, (also a good thing to know when doing a per-system renewal), but most importantly, it will help with patching applications beyond Microsoft.

3. Drive Encryption
Not too much to say there, encryption is encryption. You will be able to do whole disk encryption of your systems, along with being able to ZIP files and folders for data sharing.

4. Mobile Device Management or App Center
This is a cloud based/managed architecture to support your mobile users. With features like password enforced, remote wiping of the device are just the start. The main thing to highlight is the ability to wrap the applications to give you the ability to secure the data coming in and leaving that device.

Here are some URLS to each of the products in the offering:

Who Symantec Enterprise Solution is for
Any customer that is over 250 seats. Any current Symantec customer that is using two or more of the products in the bundle. Anyone looking to do a security consolidation.

Why Softchoice likes Symantec Enterprise Solution
The key to the The Symantec Enterprise Solution is the flexibility in the licensing while getting a mutli-layer approach to security. You’re able to provision new end-users without the headache of having to add a new license each time. Instead, you are able to keep your environment going, and true-up at your annual renewal date.

Consolidating your security products under one vendor also improves your security posture. Watch this quick video, where Softchoice security manager George Myrtos discusses a great approach to your security strategy using the right platform and vendor consolidation.

Another factor to this a predictable pricing model. No matter how many systems you add to your environment, you know you will be paying a set amount per user, for the term of the contract.

The Symantec Enterprise Solution allows you to take advantage of single vendor simplicity and measurable savings, avoid the complexity of multi-vendor solutions and see measurable savings of subscription pricing while proactively securing your IT infrastructure.

What you should do right now
If you are not sure if the Symantec Enterprise Solution bundle is right for you, there are also ‘a la carte’ deployment options. If you want to own your software and are not comfortable with a subscription model, let’s have a conversation around your environment to make you sure get exactly what you want.

Softchoice has a great, vendor-agnostic tool that will show you how many security vendors you actually use, and provide immediate feedback on how consolidating your security products under one vendor (and now simplified licensing!) will improve your security strategy.

Check out our Taming Targeted Attacks With Vendor Consolidation tool that I like because it’s a fast way to find out how many security tools you actually use – with an immediate output of our security team’s recommendations. If you want to set up a discovery call, or have any additional questions, leave a comment below or contact me directly.

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