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Telemerge’s President on Telepresence-as-a-Service (TPaaS)

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 12, 2014 by Emily A. Davidson

While we think of Simon as a unique leader, his focus on ensuring customers are delivered the experience they deserve is something I’d wager he shares with CEOs across the board. And when it comes to video collaboration, in particular, there’s no exception. So we sat down with Simon to discuss Telemerge’s recent TPaaS certification from Cisco. Happy Reading!

Name: Simon Doo
Title: President, Telemerge
Area of Expertise: 16 years in telecommunications, including the last 10 years in video collaboration with heavy emphasis on business strategy/execution, business development, strategic partnerships, cloud services, as well as building and maintaining best-in-class client support.

What is the value that offering an “All-In-One” video collaboration solution brings to customers?

Telemerge’s “All-In-One” offering brings a holistic approach to building a video conferencing environment. We streamline the solution design process for the customer, by offering everything as a one-stop-shop in an easy to understand, easy to consume package. This approach removes a lot of the complexity. Our customers ultimately realize their business objectives in deploying video collaboration as our approach ensures a high rate of end user adoption.

What is the competitive edge that you believe Telemerge brings to video conferencing?

Our competitive edge is a combination of the following: the “All-In-One” approach described above; 10 years of technical and operational experience in the industry; and the care that we put into designing and supporting the overall solution.

Our expertise enables us to deliver the highest quality video conferencing solutions and support available in the industry. We know the “ins and outs” of the technology itself, as well as the key factors to enabling success. Our focus is on supporting the meeting experience for the end users by ensuring that the technology is an enabler, not a distraction or a road block.

The care we take in designing the solution for customers is further enabled by our Adoption Specialists. The most important elements when deploying a video collaboration solution are that it is easy to use, works every time, and support is available immediately when needed. Once you have this solid platform and support infrastructure in place, it is important to work with the customer to ensure that the right business processes and practices are implemented to enforce the benefits and use of the system. This is where our Adoption Specialists come in. They work with the customer to ensure that we address any internal adoption barriers, and promote the use of the technology within the various business units.

Telemerge works with customers to build a plan that delivers a telepresence experience participants benefit from using. Essentially, our customers see video conferencing transform from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” technology, which ultimately has a significant positive impact on their business.

How has TPaaS changed the face of video conferencing?

TPaaS, or providing telepresence as a service, breaks down the barriers to adoption and entry to video conferencing. It allows organizations to only pay for what they need rather than investing in expensive capital equipment. TPaaS also allows users to connect to various systems internally and externally; it allows multipoint connectivity; and it permits access to a global directory. This is all complemented by the best support in the industry. Users can connect with whom they want, when they want, and Telemerge is there to help every step of the way.

Beyond the capital barrier is the functional barrier. The functionality offered with TPaaS is broader and more valuable than most on-premise solutions. Protocol interworking, secure B2B video calls, and call recording are just some of the comprehensive features available through our TPaaS service.

What does the TPaaS certification from Cisco mean for Telemerge’s business going forward?

The TPaaS certification from Cisco endorses our cloud-based video collaboration solution as a global, carrier class, high availability video collaboration service. Many mid to large size customers looking at a cloud based video solution want to be sure that they are procuring a secure, high quality, high availability solution. Our TPaaS designation demonstrates that our services have passed a rigorous 3rd party certification, which will meet or exceed customer expectations. This partnership also gives Cisco representatives the ability to offer telepresence solutions via Telemerge TPaaS to their existing and future clients. The TPaaS endorsement from Cisco, along with the alignment with their account teams has already produced many new opportunities to work with new clients.

The Cisco TPaaS certification is also presenting many opportunities for Telemerge from a channel perspective across North America. Through the Telemerge and Cisco Cloud reseller programs, organizations have the ability to bring our TPaaS service through a white label approach to their customers. Many technology and collaboration providers are looking at ways to bring a cloud video collaboration model to their market; Telemerge White Label TPaaS removes the time, cost and complexity involved in building out a cloud service.

Editors note:A version of this post was republished with permission by the Telemerge Blog Team. View the original post here. Telemerge is a Cisco-certified Telepresence-as-a-Service (TPaaS) company based in Markham, Ontario. Request a free trial of their solution.

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