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Thwart targeted attacks with a layered approach to network security

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 8, 2014

If you think that running a strong antivirus program, or running Macs instead of PC’s keep you safe from aggressive cyber attacks – think again. If you’re serious about protecting your IT assets, it’s time to get proactive about your platform and think hard about vendor consolidation.

Do cyber criminals have your business in their sights?

Cyber threats have evolved from large scale attacks, to rapidly evolving targeted attacks. This means you need to look at a layered security approach to ensure your gateway, end points and data center will be protected.

In this post, we discuss how Symantec’s suite of intelligent targeted attack protection tools provides an effective platform of protection for laptops, desktops, servers, messaging and web gateways -protection that goes way beyond antivirus.

What is Symantec’s suite of security tools?

Symantec offers a pretty powerful suite of layered security solutions starting with:

  • Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network: A team of 550 researchers who collect, analyze and monitor trillions of pieces of information and more than seven billion files, URLs, and IP classifications are analyzed by Symantec to convert raw big-data into security intelligence. This intelligence is converted into predictive, proactive protection technologies that power Symantec products.
  • Data Center: Begins with Symantec Critical System Protection —a key layer of defense designed to protect both physical and virtual infrastructure. Critical System Protection’s behavior control policies enforce least privilege controls, creating a strong position for programs and users. So, if a targeted attacker accesses a server, they will perform activities that deviate from the norm to gain control of sensitive data on the machine. Critical System Protection automatically detects and blocks those deviations. Critical System Protection secures your underlying VMware infrastructure by monitoring the integrity of the ESXi hypervisor. This tool is featured in our #Critical Systems Protection video# <link>.
  • Endpoints: Powerful technologies like Network Threat Protection, Endpoint Protection, Insight, and SONAR analyze incoming network data before it reaches PCs and laptops in order to block suspicious files and monitor software behavior in real-time.
  • Gateways: At the gateway, Symantec offers proactive protection across email platforms with Symantec Messaging Gateway and Symantec Email, and Symantec Web Gateway and Web to protect against network-borne threats. Email includes Skeptic and real-time Link Following, this technology determines the true destination of any link and allows for emails with malicious, shortened links, to be blocked before they reach a recipient. Messaging Gateway includes Disarm, which removes potentially malicious active content from documents attached to an email and sends a clean version of the document to the user. Symantec Gateway protection strategies now include Disarm to prevent targeted, never-before-seen email threats.

Who benefits most from a consolidated security platform

Symantec’s suite of tools is targeted for mid-sized to large enterprises, Fortune 1,000 companies, federal, state, and local governments, healthcare and higher education institutions, and critical infrastructure operators.

Small businesses may struggle make effective use of a full suite of security tools, but Symantec does offer small business solutions.

Why we like it

There are many security vendors competing in the marketplace, and clients are looking at purchasing consolidated security solutions for the cost and management simplicities they offer.

We like Symantec’s suite of Targeted Attack Protection tools because it removes the hassle of ensuring cross-platform communication among different security products. This way, you have a streamlined, unified front to defend your network against modern threats.

What you can do right now

consolidating your security with a single vendor is a good place to start. Not only do you get one source for updates, upgrades, and support, but using a single vendor to protect multiple points in your network can actually improve your protection. Correlating threat intelligence across your network strengthens your defences and, integrates visibility and control.

The Softchoice value

We want to help you take a holistic look at your security environment. To start, see what percent of your environment is consolidated, and for ways to further simplify your security solution. If you want to talk specifics, don’t hesitate to reach out to directly to me.

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