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Tip Of The Databerg: 80% Of Your Data Is Unknown Or Redundant [Video]

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 13, 2016

Anyone who’s sailed the North Atlantic in winter or spring knows how massive icebergs can be. Yet about 90% of their mass is underwater. The same thing can be said about an organizational databerg.

The average business is only gaining value from about 15% of its data
The Global Databerg Report by Veritas Technologies revealed that 52 percent of all information currently stored and processed around the world is considered ‘dark’ data, whose value has not been determined. Another 33% of data is considered Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial (ROT).

While that is bad enough, the situation is becoming steadily worse. With every passing year, the volume of data being created, analyzed and stored just keeps on growing. Social media, mobile computing, smart phones, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics are some of the factors contributing to a rampant growth. According to analyst firm International Data Corp. (IDC), the average growth rate is about 40% per year.

The explosion of data locked within databergs will bring storage budgets to breaking point. The Global Databerg Report found that dark and ROT data will cost organizations around the world $3.3 trillion by 2020 in data management, storage and data protection.

A databerg describes the data you can’t see
The last couple of decades have spoiled us when it comes to data retention. The price of storage dropped so low that it appeared to be cheaper just to hold on to everything, rather than delete unnecessary information. A few years ago, this wasn’t considered extravagant. Today, the price tag of data capacity is no longer justifiable. A mid-sized organization holding 1000 TB of data is looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in storage expenditures for data they don’t even need or use.

The underlying problem behind the databerg is that organizations base their IT budgets and strategies on volume rather than business value
Veritas discovered that approximately 20% of respondents don’t calculate the business value of their data. They are storing data blindly, supporting the growth of their own ‘databerg’ and steadily spending more on managing ROT data while simultaneously neglecting information that could provide significant competitive advantage.

To make matters worse, the co-mingling of corporate and personal data is causing already bloated databergs to grow even larger. This trend not only leads to soaring demands for storage capacity, it opens up too many avenues that can be used to access and extract organizational data. As well as exposing the business to the perils of industrial espionage and cyber-hacking, this magnifies the risk of falling out of compliance at a time when legislators are gunning for more control over data privacy.

Harnessing the Power of your Information
Organizations must reclaim control of their data. But achieving this goal requires the right approach. The first step is to gain visibility into dark and ROT data. This involves the right combination of storage management and advanced analytics to be able to isolate and extract the most useful information. That makes it possible to classify, utilize and retain or delete dark data.

Once the organization has achieved visibility into the databerg and has taken the required actions in terms of analysis, classification, retention and deletion, the final step is to assume full control of the information. This encompasses the defining of a workable governance strategy to encourage compliant behavior while reducing risk.

Softchoice is there from Step One
The Softchoice Datacenter TechCheck provides total visibility into organizational databergs to determine how to attain the highest possible return on current and future technology investments. This service is ideal for organizations that want to understand the performance of existing infrastructure components in order to better evaluate and plan for enhanced application delivery. The insights that can be derived from the Softchoice Datacenter TechCheck provide the foundation for a transformational journey by delivering a fact-based portrait of the current environment as a guide to prudent planning.

To learn more about Veritas storage, or to talk to an expert about the Datacenter TechCheck, simply fill out this contact form and we will reach out you and book an appointment.

Book an appointment with a Softchoice rep today to discuss how to achieve total visibility into your databerg.

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