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Top 5 Ways The Modern Desktop Transforms Desktop Management [VMware]

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on August 21, 2012 by Emily A. Davidson

In the age of consumerization, end-users are demanding flexibility, increased mobility and a consistent user-experience across a variety of devices. IT administrators require a secure infrastructure, control, and end-user compliance.

Juggling the needs of users and IT doesn’t have to be a balancing act worthy of Cirque Du Soleil. What your end-users really want is the Modern Desktop.

The modern desktop, or virtual desktop, is not tied to a physical computer. Instead, it resides in a cloud and can be accessed by end-users anywhere at any time. Compared to a traditional desktop PC, the modern desktop is far more advanced in mobility, flexibility, and efficiency.

What can a modern desktop do for my business?

  • Offer superior flexibility and freedom for end-users to work with their preferred devices
  • Increase productivity when users can access their desktop any where, any time
  • Shift IT’s focus from PC maintenance to efficiency and innovation
  • Reduce capital IT costs by as much as 60%, including power, cooling and real estate
  • Create a more responsive business with the agility of delivering desktops as a managed service

VMware View: Transforming desktop management

VMware View (PDF download) delivers virtual desktops as a managed service from a virtualization platform built to deliver the entire desktop, including the operating system, applications and data. With VMware View, desktop administrators virtualize the operating system, applications, and user data to deliver modern desktops to end-users.

What we like about VMware View:

  • A Superior End-User Experience. Each of your users could have numerous devices interacting with the network at any given time. They demand mobility and a flawless end-user experience. View supports a variety of third-party thin clients, zero-client devices, and operating systems so your end-users can work on the device they want, when they want. View with PCoIP display protocol delivers high-performance desktop experience across the LAN or WAN, and dynamically adjusts to network conditions to enable the most productive environment. View persona management (available in View Premier editions only) provides end-users with a consistent, personalized experience.
  • Simplified Desktop Management. You need a powerful administrative tool to get the best oversight of your desktop services. View allows you to manage desktop components separately for maximum flexibility in provisioning, updates and delivery using a single management tool.
  • Built-in Security. Leaving the traditional desktop PC atmosphere and entering the world of virtualization can seem like you’re releasing your enterprise’s information into the Wild West of security concerns. Maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the data center. Integration with shield Endpoint enables offloaded and centralized anti-virus and Anti-Malware/Virus (AV) solutions and helps eliminate agent sprawl and AV storm issues – all while minimizing the risk of malware infection and simplifying AV administration.

When employees start bringing their personal devices to work – and it’s evident they will – remember that careful equilibrium between user demands and IT needs. Virtualization is critical in this balancing act, so it’s important to arm yourself with the latest technology in virtual desktop management.

To learn more about BYOD, view our Path to Better BYOD infographic, contact your Softchoice account manager or leave a question in the comments below.

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