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How Trend Micro offers a total solution for an evolving security threat landscape

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on November 4, 2014

Although point products effectively address more discrete threats, they leave small gaps in your network perimeter. Come renewal time, consider the value of a comprehensive product and licensing solution from one vendor. And it just so happens we’ve got a recommendation for you.

Why we recommend Trend Micro Smart Protection
With more and more data breaches happening in the news like Home Depot and CHASE, it’s become clear that companies progressing from on-premise solutions to the cloud are opening up a different topology of threats and user behavior.

In a new custom study, Forrester Consulting surveyed over 1100 IT security decision makers from North American, European, and Asia Pacific companies with 100-5,000 employees. The study identified the benefits these IT professionals found from having a single-vendor, multi-layered solution.

What is Trend Micro Smart Protection?
Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete is an interconnected security solution that shares intelligence across security layers so you can consolidate your view of user activity across all threat vectors. A security solution that seamlessly moves from on-premises to cloud without impacting licensing or commercial agreements.

How Trend Micro Smart Protection Works
On the endpoint, the suite provides a range of threat protection capabili­ties – from basic, signature-based anti-malware and web reputation to more advanced capabilities, such as vulnerability protection (virtual patching), browser-exploit protection, behavior monitoring, packet detection, in-memory inspection and appli­cation whitelisting. Endpoint capabili­ties are optimized for virtual desktop infrastructure, avoiding simultaneous scheduled scans. Data protection features at the endpoint include port/device controls, endpoint encryption and inte­grated DLP.

Trend Micro also offers a lower-cost Smart Protection for Endpoints suite, which excludes the gateway, IM and collabora­tion capabilities. Smart Protection Complete also includes mobile device management and mobile app management capabilities for mobile devices and endpoint protection for Mac OS computers, enabling all end-user devices to be managed cen­trally and in a consistent fashion.

Central management is provided through the included Trend Micro Control Manager, which delivers alerts and integrated dash­board views (including user-centric inci­dent timelines and compliance dashboards) across on-premise and SaaS components. Administrators set centrally managed policies, which are then deployed to the various endpoint types, gateways and servers.

If you want, you are able to point the server records to Trend Micro and they will install for you, and all you need to do is configure your policies.

Who we think Trend Micro Smart Protection is for
This suite is ideal for a security admin or security manager that needs to manage an environment of 250+ to 5000 users at a mid-to-large sized enterprise. If you are looking to renew your security licensing for a bunch of point products, it’s important to consider what new options are available, especially if you have experienced a security event in the last year.

Why Softchoice likes Trend Micro Smart Protection
Some of the standout features include Deep Root Cause Analyzer command-and-control capa­bility, the Trend Threat Database browser exploit protection, application endpoint whitelisting, and Virtual Patching at the endpoint (the virtual patch is auto-removed when the physical patch is applied).

Trend Micro provides intuitive support documentation for installation, configuration and operation, as well as a meaningful popup help feature. The tool’s components are typically deployed on Windows 7 or 8 computers. Server components are typically deployed on Windows Server 2012, with one physi­cal server per software server subject to user count limitations. The system installation is fast by means of an application installer that uses a script to automatically launch each component of the suite.

At the end of the day, an all in one solution will tell you when a particular user is being attacked, and you can respond from a central console. You can’t do that with point products as you will have to check each different product.

What you should do right now – free trial
If you would like to trial Smart Protection Suite, there are a number of products involved, so please contact me directly and I will work with you to get the right trial products for your environment.This solution starts at $49/year for 501 users.  Smart Protection for Endpoints, which excludes gate­way, mail server and SharePoint components, starts at $25/year (15 GBP) in similar volume.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer. If you would like to talk about products available in the free trial please email me directly.

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