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VMware Announces And Releases Horizon 6

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on April 23, 2014

VMware unveiled Horizon 6 on April 9th 2014. Horizon 6 allows IT to deliver virtual desktops or just applications through a single platform, as well as support end-users with access to all of their desktops and applications in one place. So what’s new in Horizon 6? Let’s find out.

What is Horizon 6?

Horizon 6 allows users to access virtual desktop and application services, (including RDS- hosted apps, packaged apps with VMware thinapp, SaaS apps, and virtualized apps from existing Citrix XenApp farms) from one workspace. This gives end users quick access all of the resources they demand.

Watch a video overview of Horizon 6

What does this mean for VMware View?

View is still available as a standalone offering in Horizon View Standard Edition, on a per-concurrent connection basis, at the same price as the former Horizon View Premier bundle.

Who Horizon 6 is for

If you’re looking for a simple and powerful desktop virtualization solution with a great user experience, consider Horizon View Standard Edition. To leverage the best of View and extend these benefits beyond VDI, you want to purchase Horizon Advanced Edition. If you want to deliver desktops and applications with the benefit of cloud management, automation, and orchestration, choose Horizon Enterprise Edition.

Compare all three offerings.

Why we like like Horizon 6

Horizon 6 has over 150 new features from the old suite, it allows our clients to extend the potential of desktop and application virtualization to support workplace mobility while driving greater levels of operational efficiency at lower costs.
Some of the new capabilities we like:

  • Central Management of Virtual, Physical including BYO images to deliver Windows services quickly and efficiently.
  • Ubiquitous access to desktops and applciations across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
  • A Single platform for delivering hosted applications and desktop running MS Windows.
  • Closed-loop management and automation increase security with policy and image management capabilites.
  • Analytics using vCenter Operations Manager for View (and it is now part of Horizon 6). Also, vCOPs for View will monitor RDS-hosted applications for additional visibility into user workloads.
  • Optimization for the Software-Defined Data Center with vSAN included in the bundle.
  • Unified Workspace so you’re able to continue leveraging your XenApp investments if you add Horizon 6 to your environment.
  • Non-disruptive technology so current Citrix XenApp clients will be able to deliver applications within Horizon Workspace alongside Horizon and SaaS applications for a seamless end-user experience. Bonus: Current Citrix clients can leverage existing investments while transitioning to Horizon.

Packaging & Pricing for Horizon 6:

Horizon 6 is available in three editions:

  1. Horizon View Standard – Simple, powerful VDI with great user experience, priced at $250 per concurrent user
  2. Horizon Advanced – Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace, this is edition is priced at $250 per named user, or $400 per concurrent user
  3. Horizon Enterprise – Desktops and applications delivered with cloud automation and management, this edition is licensed at $300 per named or $500 per concurrent user

Each package of Horizon 6 contains all VMware licenses required to fully deploy the technologies such as vSphere for Desktop and vCenter for Desktop. No additional vSphere (ESXi) licenses are required!

Three big reasons why you should care about Horizon 6

1. Security
How are you addressing the security and compliance risks associated with lost or stolen devices and image drift in your environment? You want to protect data by moving it into the data center, where you can control and manage image drift for lost or stolen devices ‘adrift’ in your environment. Also, you will be able to securely support twice the number of users and devices per IT admin. With these security issues solved, you open the door to support ‘Bring Your Own PC’ initiatives securely while reducing costs by up to 22 percent.

2. Impact to User Productivity
Is the inability to access corporate Windows resources outside of the workplace impacting your employee’s productivity? Horizon 6 allows you to deliver all Windows and online services to end users through one unified workspace, meaning you get to support the delivery of virtual desktops and applications through a single platform.

3. Resource Contention
Are you able to hold down costs while supporting new applications and devices including bring your own PC? What about remote locations? How are your managing user access to desktops or applications for them? Horizon 6 reduces the time taken to deploy a new desktop from weeks to just eight hours. Also, dpending on their needs, you will be able to provide end users with virtual desktops -or just apps- depending on their requirements and save on licensing costs! With closed-loop management and automation, Hoirzson 6 streamlines image management, desktop remediation and desktop deployments.

What you should do right now

If you’re interested in this solution, take advantage of this great promotion before December 15, 2014.

Horizon View Promo

To learn more about Horizon 6, contact your Softchoice Account Manager today. Or drop us a note below and we’ll reach out to you directly.

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