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VMware Introduces vSphere with Operations Management [VMware]

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on March 29, 2013

At VMware Partner Exchange in Vegas in February, VMware announced VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM). The offering continues with a trend that we expect will continue with VMware – providing more of it’s licensing via bundles (like vCloud or the vSphere Acceleration Kits, which all now include vCenter Operations Manager). Although customers will still be able to purchase vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager separately, the bundle provides value in the way it’s licensed. Previously, Operations Manager was licensed via number of virtual machines (in bundles of 25). With the new vSOM offering, customers can license per host – allowing them to realize savings by consolidating more than 25 virtual machines on one physical host. It should also help make it less complicated to manage licensing.

Why has VMware made this change in their offering?

VMware has recognized that customers are struggling with management and that it’s fundamental to moving beyond consolidation and to start driving true efficiencies. It’s also an essential building block to automation and ultimately services delivery, charge-back models and private cloud. The next phase of virtualization relies on the use management to automate the environment.

Why we like it

Tying vCenter Operations Manager and vSphere together makes sense from a savings and ease of management perspective. We also believe that customers who are well down the virtualization path need to look at management if they haven’t already. vCenter Operations Manager has enabled customers to reduce the downtime of applications by 36 percent, reduce diagnostics and problem resolution time by 26 percent and double IT savings of vSphere (source: vSOM Data Sheet).

Two of the most notable features of vCenter Operations Manager include the health monitoring and predictive analytics and the operations dashboards and root-cause analysis. vCenter Operations Manager ‘s health monitoring and predictive analytics feature helps anticipate performance bottlenecks and enables vSphere infrastructure health with patented self-learning analytics while the operations dashboard and root cause analysis provide intuitive operation dashboards and actionable recommendations to ensure that the environment is running as it should.

vSOM dashboard

vCenter Operations Manager is also equipped with simplified features such as problem identification using colours (green, yellow and red) that make it easy to identify possible issues that may arise and require attention. In addition to problem identification, vCenter Operations Manager offers recommendations with corrective options that make operating a virtual environment easier. All of these features enable IT departments to proactively management their environments as they continue to grow, while getting the most out of the virtualization platform.

Want to learn more?

Contact your Softchoice Account Manager for quote and pricing options. They can also get you in touch with pre-sales resources that can help provide the best licensing options and consult with you on broader solutions like virtualizing specific workloads, building a private cloud and implementing VDI. If you’d like to see vCenter Operations Manager in action, we can provide customized demos. We deployed vCenter Operations Manager within our Softchoice Innovation Centers so that customers can test drive capabilities and ensure fit for their organization. We can bring you in, or demo remotely.

Once implemented, we’ve also built out monitoring capabilities around vSphere with our Keystone offering. This is a Softchoice service that reduces the noise from alerts and looks for themes coming from the alerts from your virtual and physical infrastructure that will allow us to help you take pro-active steps before potential issues become downtime. Ultimately, it allows you to divert more attention to strategic value-add activities instead of keeping the lights on.

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