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VMworld 2014: Everything you need to know about Horizon DaaS

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 2, 2014 by David Davis

One of the most important announcements made at VMworld 2014 this week was VMware’s enhancements to their Horizon Desktop As A Service (DaaS) offering, that opens up a significant opportunity for virtualized environments…

What is Hosted Desktop As a Service?
VMware’s hosted desktop as a service, or DaaS, is a cloud-based virtual desktop solution provided by VMware. With hosted desktop in place, companies will be able to stream Windows applications or entire published desktops through VMware’s desktop as a service along with applications running on virtual desktops in Horizon View. This is a great opportunity for companies to simplify their virtual desktop environments.

What is Hosted Desktop As a Service?

Previously, most companies chose between legacy Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) applications and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. However, there are pros and cons to each approach. By giving customers access to both solutions, VMware’s updated DaaS provides them with a huge amount of flexibility.

How does VMware’s Hosted Desktop As a Service Work?
VMware’s new Hosted Desktop As a Service works by allowing you to run Microsoft session-based or full hosted desktops (on the number of Microsoft hosts that you subscribe to) in VMware’s cloud. Those servers run Windows Server 2008 R2 (for now), have 20 vCPUs each, 30GB of vRAM, and 100GB of storage.  Of course, those virtual hosts are only used to run your hosted Windows applications and are accessed via remote desktop session hosts.

Your hosted applications, should you choose to leverage them, are accessed via VMware’s Horizon DaaS service. Horizon DaaS offers virtual desktops, accessible as a cloud service, available in 3 different sizes – standard, advanced, and enterprise.

How does VMware’s Hosted Desktop As a Service Work?

What I Like about Horizon DaaS
While VDI offers companies so many benefits, it can be complex and costly to implement. Horizon DaaS is the ideal service for companies that want to take advantage of what VDI will provide them, without the cost and complexity of doing it themselves.

Horizon DaaS offers:

  • Premium end user experience – Single client, fully customizable, high performance (including 3D graphics), and persistent desktops. Utilized by the standard Horizon Clients (Win, Mac, IOS & Android) with PCoIP, end users can have full screen access to Windows apps from any device.
  • Simplification of desktops and apps – Virtual desktop and applications integrated into a single user interface, that are easy to buy, fully managed, and supported with enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Predictable cost model – With an easy to calculate monthly payments based on the number of desktops in use, enterprises can move from a capex model to an opex model, and allow the company (and IT) to create a predictive cost for IT
  • Integrated security and compliance – Horizon DaaS offers integrated security and control, with a local VLAN for every tenant and easy to manage credential and security policies
  • Hybrid cloud – provides you the compatibility to run and access Horizon locally, at a Horizon DaaS service provider, or in the VMware Horizon DaaS cloud

What to Like about Horizon DaaS

Why you should care about Horizon DaaS?
More and more companies are considering utilizing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and cloud computing to reduce their complexity and provide their company with greater flexibility however it’s not easy to accomplish on your own. Horizon DaaS will help companies of all sizes to make the move to VDI and cloud computing. Additionally, Horizon DaaS provides will ultimately offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than attempting to implement VDI on-premises.

What can you do right now?
I recommend learning more about Horizon DaaS and how it can help your IT group and your company. The latest features in Horizon DaaS, will definitely help companies to leverage remote desktop applications (already in use in terminal server farms) across all virtual desktops, in a single VDI client connection. Ultimately, by making end user computing easier to administer, applications easier to access, and by creating a more consistent cost model, Horizon DaaS can help to make for happier IT admins, support personnel, end users, and even CEOs.

We concluded our webinar sessions convering the VMworld 2014 announcements. If you missed it, listen to the recording below! Our VMware experts took a deep dive into the announcements that will affect our clients the most:

Softchoice VMware experts discuss the VMworld 2014 announcements that affect you most


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