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VMworld 2016 news: The latest vRealize Suite updates

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 1, 2016

Visibility of the physical and virtual layers of the data center is a thorn in the side of administrators. With a new release of vRealize Suite, VMware’s focus is aimed squarely at helping overcome that challenge.

We’ve been waiting anxiously to see today’s announcements at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas and we’re excited to share further enhancements to the vRealize Suite. vRealize Suite is VMware’s enterprise-ready cloud management platform, that will provide cloud management teams with the insights needed for better planning, troubleshooting, and management of their data center environments.

Chart of what's new in vRealize Suite

Some cool new features…

vRealize Operations Manager 6.3 (vROps)

A new dashboard builds out workload balancing across an entire SDDC. An interesting enhancement is that the health dashboard 6.3 now presents a “To Do List” with actionable steps to correct problems in the cloud environment.

What the new VMware home dashboard looks like

vRealize Network Insight

The recent Arkin Net acquisition and integration allows VMware to address some key deficiencies of visibility into networking that spans both physical and virtual constructs; particularly helping administrators to take full advantage of technologies such as vSphere virtual distributed switching and NSX-enabled distributed fire-walling and logical routing.

vRealize Network Insight includes an assessment tool to provide an understanding of the traffic patterns in the data center. An assessment will help quantify the specific advantages in a particular environment of considering advanced networking and security services deployment such as with VMware NSX, as well as sustained visibility for use in optimizing and troubleshooting such services after deployment.

vRealize Log Insight 3.6 (vRLI)

VMware improved this tool and added vROps alerts to it (vRealize Operations). Other improvements to vRLI include:

  • New dashboard widget types.
  • Event types and event trends.
  • An updated vSphere content pack.
  • User impersonation and an auto-agent upgrade that adds details to notifications.
  • Note: The Log Insight management pack is installed in vROps out of the box.

vRealize Business for Cloud (vRB) 7.1

This solution automates cloud costing and provides consumption analysis and comparisons. vRB integrates with vRealize Automation or can be used as a stand-alone tool for businesses that don’t want automation (but need to manage costs) within their various cloud and data center deployments. The latest release has a number of advances, especially enhancements around the UI:

  • More than 400 automation integration bugs have been addressed
  • An improved overview page
  • Improved text menus

vRealize Code Stream 2.1 

VMware’s DevOps tool offers greater integration with Cloud Foundry, Bamboo, Bugzilla and other QA and lifecycle tools.

vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.1 

The latest version of VMware’s cloud automation software offers these major new benefits:

  • Unattended installs. vRealize went from having multiple appliances, to one, to now being unattended, for multiple deployments, without needing to reenter the configuration manager!
  • A new command line that wraps in all install commands—the IaaS management agent CLI, IaaS prerequisite checker CLI, dynamic context-based help.
  • IPAM integration for multi-tenant environments.
  • An extended set of ready-to-import blueprints boasting pre-validated architectures and use cases to accelerate deployment of common applications and virtual constructs from a greater number of third-party solution providers. [LC17]
  • The ability to directly upgrade from and intelligently roll back to version 6.2, making it easier to get up and running with the newer version (as well as to step back to the older version if something goes wrong with the upgrade) than ever before!. Mitigating the potential for downtime is a big deal, of course, when deploying in the cloud.

How vROPs fits into VMware’s big picture

how vROPs fits into VMware's big picture

Packaging and licensing upgrade paths for vRealize…at what cost?

VMware will noe offer vROPS Standard edition in a per-CPU model. To help promote upgrading, VMware is providing customers with a limited time opportunity to upgrade from all vRealize Operations editions to all new vRealize tools at a 25 percent discount

  • Promo SKUs for upgrades from vSOM ENT+ to all editions of vCS at 25% discount
  • Promo SKUs for upgrades from all editions of vROps to all editions of vRS at 25% discount
  • Promo SKUs for upgrades from vROI to all editions of vCS at 25% discount

To take advantage of these promo SKUs, register for our webinar below, or reach out to your Softchoice Account Manager. We are still learning more about the pricing and the impact upgrading may have on you. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

Find out everything important going on at VMworld. Join our VMware experts who have been scouring the show for news at our live VMworld webinar. We’ll go into greater depth on all the salient announcements and discuss their possible impact on your business. Register below and bring your curiosity. Can’t attend? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording!

Click here for a webinar covering the top VMworld 2016 announcements

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