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3 Tips to Prepare for IBRs and Licensing Updates

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on August 20, 2013

VMworld always approaches fast and VMware releases new products and versions of their offerings. In 2012, they announced a $1 Upgrade to their vCloud Suite from certain versions of vSphere. This offer was only available to customers that were current with their support and service. So the question is, are you ready for whatever offer may be around the corner?

To make sure you’re well-positioned to take advantage of all the announcements coming out of VMworld, the Softchoice team is offering a Free Installed Base Report (IBR) Assessment of your current VMware environment, an annual webinar series, and three tips below to prepare you for your IBR.

UPDATE: Due to a large response from clients for help with VMware licensing, we now offer a free VMware Licensing TechCheck! Dedicated VMware experts will run this TechCheck to validate if your production environment is fully supported, identify gaps and VMware entitlements, as well as streamline your renewal cycle.


A free Installed Base Report (IBR) is the master list of all licenses a company purchased regardless of where the licenses were procured (VAR, OEM, VMware Direct etc). IBR’s provide visibility into all purchased licenses, end dates of support contracts and promotional products you may not be aware you own.

We developed our IBR assessment because our clients regularly ask us for help understanding their VMware licensing environment. Perhaps you deployed VMware on a project basis and over time your VMware entitlements grew. When was the last time you looked at this holistically? Do you know if your production environment is fully supported? Are you paying support for licenses that are no longer in use? Is there an opportunity to streamline your renewal cycle?

Get ready for VMworld changes today
VMworld is loaded with new announcements. This means potential changes to your Software and Support (SnS). When there are new releases, it’s important to have 3 things:

  1. Make sure your support is current so you’re positioned to upgrade for free!
  2. Assign one person to manage licensing, often a Super User or a general email alias for procurement.
  3. Spend time evaluating your current licensing to learn about promotions or how to qualify for free upgrades.

In one case, we discovered (much to the surprise of our customer) that their entire production environment had been operating without support for more than a year. We were able to save the client $80, 000 by bringing their Data Center back to a supported state.

An Installed-Base Review is not an audit
Once a customer grants permission for Softchoice to collect the free Installed Base Report (IBR), we assign one of our VMware Technical Architects to review the report, provide recommendations and take you through the findings. An IBR review is not an audit; the information is strictly confidential.

With an IBR, our VMware experts will provide guidance on the following:

  • Co-Term Support Contracts: Software licenses often have many different renewal dates spread throughout the year. We assist by working with VMware to co-term all the support contracts to end on the same date – making it much easier for you keep track of your renewals!
  • Unsupported VMware: Managing multiple support end dates is challenging. We identify any licenses within your IBR that have expired support. More often than not, clients have VMware running within their production environment, but are completely unaware that those licenses are not supported! We bring these licenses to your attention and compare options to get your support reinstated.
  • Exploring alternative purchasing programs: VMware has many different purchasing programs to suit your needs. Depending on the size of your environment, the products deployed and future roadmap with VMware, we recommend the proper purchasing vehicle for your company to maximize your investment.

Getting ready for the road ahead is easy and it doesn’t cost a thing. In fact, a little time invested now could end up saving you money while paving the way toward great promotions and a simpler, more efficient license management process.


Request an IBR in 3 quick clicks.

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