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Why 2013 Was the Worst for Data Breaches (and How to Protect Yourself Now)

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on June 10, 2014

With 2013 being the worst year in history for data breaches, the fact that companies need to find data storage solutions that work cannot be understated.

Data is arguably one of a modern organization’s most valuable assets. The trick is the process of analyzing, backing up, and archiving is daunting and time-consuming. To further complicate the issue, spreading your sensitive data across multiple programs and services multiplies the risk of that data being compromised.

CommVault Simpana 10 is designed from the ground up to provide a single global platform for users to access all conventional methods of data protection and retention – in one place.

Combining proven, industry-leading levels of service and protection with an intuitive platform that takes the pain out of traditional data management tasks, Simpana 10 will help you get your corporate data up to modern protection standards — and keep it there.

What Is Simpana Software?

Simpana software allows enterprise clients to protect, access, and manage all of their company data from a single platform, turning raw data into business information.

With Simpana, CommVault addressed a growing problem across every business industry: legacy approaches to data management simply cannot keep up with the current rate of rapid data growth. As old methods of storing, archiving, and protecting data become increasingly cumbersome and expensive (if not outright broken), enterprise users are likely to devote less time to their usual data organizational methods, if they don’t abandon them entirely.

By implementing a single software solution, with individually licensable modules. Users are able to analyze, archive, protect, replicate, and search their data across any storage tier, while eliminating the risk and impact inherent in legacy software. With a global hub for all their data needs, customers will save that much more time and energy in daily operations.

Who needs Simpana Software the most?

While it is hard to think of a modern enterprise client who wouldn’t benefit from a more efficient way to manage and archive their data, Simpana makes the biggest difference in high-volume data situations, where global and constant access to data isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Specific roles that would immediately benefit from it include:

  • Storage admins
  • IT directors and managers
  • Datacenter managers
  • Backup analysts
  • Data managers

On top of that, CommVault’s flexible and straightforward approach to licensing means that you are never pigeonholed into a solution.

Immediate Advantages

The productivity gains aren’t just anecdotal; they’re quantifiable. Simpana lowers annual support costs by 35%, cuts data storage-related costs by 50%, and reduce administrative overhead by up to 80%.

On top of that, the organizational tools available in Simpana Software will dramatically shrink existing timeframes; data retrieval will go from a days-long process to something you can access within seconds, as will your discovery time.

Points of consideration

Not every enterprise client is in a dire data protection situation; their current system could be working as well as it needs to, or their data collection needs simply aren’t that large. Simpana Software isn’t only for high-volume situations, because the single platform approach also serves as a hugely efficient way to centralize previously disparate tasks into one location.

Are you using multiple services, when a single unified platform would suffice?

Are you part of the increasing amount of companies that find their usual backup schedule slipping, simply because of the time investment inherent in regular data archiving?

And when it comes to your legacy data storage methods, are you following best practices when it comes to data deduplication (digital and physical backups at multiple site), and could you be achieving greater efficiency in that area?

If any of these seem relevant, Simpana Software offers a strong solution for day-to-day efficiencies and data protection solutions.

Why we like Simpana Software

Simple is better, and Simpana provides an elegant way for customers to solve their data and information management challenges, while at the same time dramatically decreasing their costs (and increasing the value of their business data).

In addition to vouching for the performance of the software itself, Softchoice is also well-versed in working with CommVault — we hold CommVault’s Solution Architect and Technical certifications. So when we speak to the strength of Simpana’s data protection prowess, that’s coming from our team of 60+ solution architects with a wide variety of backup, archival, and retrieval expertise.

Don’t have to take our word for it. Gartner and Forrester have named CommVault as one of their industry leaders in backup and recovery software.

Next steps

Visit the Simpana Software Single Platform page to get a deeper look at the capabilities and offerings of the platform. If you have any further questions, Softchoice remains your trusted source for objective technical expertise. For further reading material, please refer to Softchoice Storage TechCheck.

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