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Achieve Even More With the Right PDF Solution

Uncategorized | Posted on August 28, 2018 by schap

The first versions gave users an effective way to convert PDF files to Microsoft Office documents and back again, create PDF files from multiple sources and edit them easily.

Next-generation solutions delivered other innovations, such as voice recognition that lets users add notes to PDF files simply by speaking, support for touch-enabled Windows 10 devices, and the ability to connect with document management systems and cloud services.

PDF solutions also focused on security. For example, leading PDF software let users add password protection to important files, permanently redact sensitive information and create permissions to control document viewing, printing and modifications. They could even apply protection to PDF documents using Microsoft Active Directory or Microsoft Rights Management Services – all to provide enterprise-level security and rights management.

All of these innovations were designed to enable users and their companies to gain control over PDF workflows to save time, improve productivity and deliver even better business results.

And now, new innovations are here to further revolutionize the PDF experience.

The future of PDF starts today

With the release of Nuance® Power PDF 3, users can now improve productivity to new levels, thanks to a superior user experience and unparalleled document conversion and editing accuracy.

  • Document compatibility: For example, when it comes to document compatibility, Power PDF 3 now supports the ISO PDF 2.0 standard, assuring both compatibility and security with programs using and manipulating a PDF file. With Power PDF Advanced, any user can rest assured that they are creating the most compatible and secure PDF documents possible.
  • Digital signatures with DocuSign: No matter if workers need to approve a purchase, closing a sale or sign an agreement, it’s easy with DocuSign®, the leading eSignature service. Any user can choose to sign a PDF or send it to another party for their signature using integrated DocuSign actions.
  • Real-time collaboration: Business users need the right tools to work efficiently, collaborate effectively and get work done. Nuance® Power PDF delivers the tools business teams need to annotate, mark up, edit and compress PDFs—all to make working as a group easier and more effective than ever before.
  • An enhanced user experience: Power PDF 3 improves ease of use with new tabbed document viewing, allowing workers to open multiple documents within a single window and display them as tabs. Additionally, it offers new ribbons that put the right features exactly where users need them and even new color skins, enabling workers to customize their experience further.

Clearly, we’ve come a long way since the early days of PDF, and now, today’s leading PDF solutions deliver with best-in-class features, powerful security options and effective simplicity for end users. Discover the many advantages that await with Power PDF 3.


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