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Bringing Retail Technology to the Wholesale Sector

Uncategorized | Posted on August 28, 2018 by schap

Wildkamp, a leading technical wholesaler in the Netherlands, has launched Zebra Self-Scanning technology.

Wildkamp aimed to:

  • Replicate the successful retail model
  • Cut queues at peak times
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Have a flexible solution, which could also be used by its store staff to assist customers, check stocks, and manage reordering and inventory runs

In conjunction with Zebra partner CaptureTech, Wildkamp has deployed Zebra MC18 Personal Shoppers protected by a 5-Year Essential Zebra OneCare Service Contract. The devices run bespoke SignaRF® software from CaptureTech for clean, easy-to-use self-scanning and Wavelink Avalanche Enterprise Mobility Management software for device management.


Wildkamp has heavily promoted its self-scanning solution in its marketing: online, print and in store. And, as its customers already have first-hand experience of self-scanning at the supermarket – the MC18 holds a very strong market share in the retail sector in the Netherlands – they have quickly embraced the new solution. This is exactly what Wildkamp needed, for the deployment to be a success.


And it’s not just the customers who are enjoying using the MC18s. Shop floor staff also use the Zebra devices to find information for customers and to access the hidden menu for stock checking, reordering and inventory runs.



  • Customers love the easy-to-use ergonomic device with excellent battery life, optimal wireless connectivity and best-in-class omnidirectional scanning
  • Customers enjoy an improved shopping experience as self-scanning and automated customer file creation leads to significant time savings, a more informed shop and reduction in checkout queues at peak periods


  • The quick, easy and seamless deployment and installation ensured Wildkamp’s stores were not impacted during roll-out
  • A sole device for multiple uses reduces TCO for Wildkamp
  • Increased customer satisfaction leads to more repeat business and subsequent sales for the business
  • Wildkamp is benefitting from a rapid ROI

How long will it be until other wholesalers realise the potential advantages and follow suit?

If you are a wholesaler wanting to introduce self-scanning for your customers, why not contact us or find out more by visiting the success story.

This article was originally published here.


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