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Computrade Malaysia Moves 2 TBs Between Clouds with Carbonite Migrate

Uncategorized | Posted on August 14, 2018 by schap

IT solutions distributor Computrade Technology Malaysia recently used Carbonite Migrate Powered by DoubleTake to move more than 2 TB of Linux and Windows-based data from one Alibaba Cloud data center to another.

Computrade, a Carbonite Partner, followed up the impressive workload migration with a second migration. This time, the company used Carbonite Migrate to move more than 500 GB of data from onsite servers into the Alibaba Cloud in Malaysia, according to Kenneth Devan, vice president and technical consultant with the company.

Due to strict regulatory compliance mandates, financial institutions and other businesses in Malaysia remain reluctant to embrace public cloud providers who do not have data centers located inside the country, Kenneth explained.

“When we talk about moving data to the cloud, clients always ask a simple question: Where is the nearest data center?” Kenneth explained. “Alibaba is one of the first cloud providers to set up a data center in Malaysia, so it’s very important to the Malaysian market.”

A successful migration

Computrade began the migration process by collecting data. The company used both structured and unstructured data provided by local clients, as well as business and employee data housed in its own servers.

“We wanted to show that we could do a big data migration across Alibaba Cloud, and some of our clients were willing to help,” Kenneth said.

Computrade and the Carbonite support team used Carbonite Migrate to carry out the 2 TB migration. They moved a virtual Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2-based data center from an Alibaba Cloud data center located in Hong Kong to an Alibaba Cloud data center located in Singapore. The team went on to successfully complete the same migration with Cent OS 7.3 Linux-based data.

“Using the Linux environment can be complex, but Computrade Malaysia made it happen,” Kenneth said. “After that, we took an existing local customer with approximately 500 GBs of development data and migrated it from onsite servers to the Alibaba Malaysia data center.”


Migration challenges defeated

IT teams need stable connectivity when migrating data to and between clouds. Without it, glitches are certain to arise. That’s why the Computrade Malaysia team tested several methods, including site-to-site, VPN tunneling and authentication methods such as IPsec and GRE tunneling.

Security solutions like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) can also pose migration challenges.

“Each organization has various types of protection, from IPS to firewall protection,” Kenneth said. “This can be a hindrance, but we identified all of these matters and simplified the process to ensure connectivity to the cloud.”


Why Carbonite Migrate?

Computrade has been a distributor of Carbonite Migrate since 2013. Kenneth and his team chose to offer the workload migration solution because it’s relatively easy to use, it offers broad platform support, and it enables customers to reliably migrate data from one cloud provider to another, such as from Oracle Cloud to Microsoft Azure.

Computrade is currently co-bundling Carbonite Migrate with Oracle Database. But while Oracle and other large software vendors offer their own data migration tools, Kenneth said his clients prefer Carbonite Migrate.

“Many cloud providers have their own replication and migration tools, but the simplicity just isn’t there,” Kenneth said. “But with Carbonite Migrate we can easily migrate everything to the cloud—and from one cloud to another.”

Learn more about Carbonite data protection solutions today.

This article was originally published here.

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