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Deliver Outstanding Customer Service with Screen Recording

Uncategorized | Posted on August 14, 2018 by schap

Over the past several years, the term customer experience has continued to gain momentum. In retrospect, it’s strange that this consumer-centric ideology has only recently become top of mind for many people.

But, there’s a reason— emphasis on the consumer is due to advancements in communication and technology. Consumers are no longer limited to purchasing goods and services from local businesses. With more power (and more choices) than ever before, customers can shop where they want, but they can also easily share about their experience with others via social media, or by leaving ratings or reviews on public websites.

This is a good thing! And as is always the case with change, it uncovers challenges which can often be interpreted as an opportunity. Shep Hyken, in his article written for Forbes about trends in customer experience, advises brands to “realize the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Be so amazing that your customers want to tell everyone about their experience. Customer service is the new marketing.”

Providing outstanding customer service is one easy, attainable way to elevate your customers’ overall experience. Read on for some ideas on how your customer service team can utilize screen recording to stand out, “wow” the audience, and help ensure your customers’ success.

Use screen recording to onboard new members of the support team

Before a new member of the support team can begin delighting customers, they need to get trained! Providing new team members with a recorded training that covers the basics of internal systems is a great way to save time. Using this “flipped” model of instruction, new employees are able to receive the information up front, and then meet with their trainer for more hands-on activity and to cover questions. At TechSmith, we use Snagit for our “quick-and-dirty” videos; i.e. our simple screencasts that don’t require extensive editing or professional polish.

Maintaining an internal-only knowledgebase allows everyone to access information when they need it. This way they don’t have to  trust their memory or bug one subject matter expert on the team every time they forget how to complete a rarely used process. Plus, relying on a screencast means less room for error than text alone. Why tell when you can show!

Use screen recording to easily explain complex ideas

Anytime you find yourself typing out a response, backspacing–then typing some more, and re-reading, followed by more backspacing … consider using a screen recording. While words alone can mean different things to different people, a video leaves far less room for interpretation. And, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation, You can type what you mean, then record your screen to share additional context. Below is an example.

Using a screen recording without sound, coupled with text in a message, is a good option for people relying on Google Translate to communicate.

Use screen recording to humanize your team

Essentially, customer support is simple. It’s one person communicating with another person, both with the same end goal–to answer a question or fix a problem. On the TechSmith support site, we use a picture of a few members of our support staff to convey this idea; the company is made up of people who care.

Beyond simply showcasing a photo of your team, though, customers enjoy interacting with people, not robots. They don’t appreciate being responded to with a boring, scripted response. A brief video will help provide a customized, unique experience, and is often faster to create than typing out a response for email.

Screen recordings work well for social media customer service, too. Twitter’s 140-character limit can make it difficult to answer a question in a single Tweet. As an added bonus, more than one person at a time can benefit from your information when you share a brief screencast on your organization’s public social media account(s) showing how to accomplish something.

But, if it’s custom information for a single person, or confidential in any way, you could send your screen recording in a direct or private message.

Screen recording is an easy tactic that you customer service and support teams can use to delight your customers. It’s an effective way to communicate that will help these teams assist customers quickly. If you are intrigued, but unsure of the next step, you can download a trial of Snagit. We also have Instructional tutorials available to help you get started recording your screen, today!

Are you or your customer support teams using screen recording to aid in the customer experience in any way? We’d love to hear about it. Send us your questions or comments on Twitter or Facebook.

This article was originally published here.


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