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Ivanti Product Newsletter Blog for June 2018

Uncategorized | Posted on August 28, 2018 by schap


Asset Manager Essentials

Pre-Built, Cloud-Based IT Asset Management that Delivers High Value at a Low Cost


Dreading how to get an overview of your IT assets? Efficient and effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) can be a complex, costly, and time-consuming discipline. You are dealing with new assets coming into your IT estate every day, more complex contracts to keep track of, and compliance regulations to stay on top of.

Obtaining visibility into what IT assets you have and where they are, is an administrative headache, not to mention trying to keep track of assets on the move.

Due to the complexity of discovering, tracking and managing IT assets over their lifecycle, many organizations today are still not effectively tracking their assets:

  • 30% of IT fixed assets are “ghost” assets, or missing and cannot be found.*
  • 56% of enterprises verify the location of their fixed assets only once a year, while 10% to 15% have not verified their assets in more than five years.**

We are excited to introduce to you the new Ivanti Asset Manager Essentials solution. It’s a pre-built ITAM tool. In the cloud. For immediate visibility. At lower cost and complexity:

  • Pre-built ITAM: pre-packaged, fixed design for rapid, budget-friendly implementation
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards: don’t rely on spreadsheets; discover, track, and manage your assets from procurement and purchase order to receipt, deployment and disposal.
  • Powerful data importing capabilities: support for many discovery sources including Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Data Center Discovery, barcode scans and more. Easily compare actual and discovered asset data and generate exception reports.
  • Proven Platform for growth:  built on the proven Ivanti cloud platform; features blended integration with Help Desk Essentials; based on industry best practices and Ivanti ITAM expertise.
  • Cloud-based: automatic feature and design updates eliminate the administration and maintenance headaches

Asset Manager Essentials – everything to get you ready with effective and efficient ITAM from day one.

* See M. Day and S. Talbot, “Data Validation the Best Practice for Data Quality in Fixed Asset Management,” (White Paper) Asset Management Resources.

** See “Navigating Through the Complexities of the Fixed Asset Management Function,” EY.


Ivanti Application Control 2018.1

…is available now! Check out the latest bug fixes and maintenance updates.

Application Control 2018.1 continues the Ivanti tradition of stable, secure solutions that deliver on customer needs and address issues you bring to our attention. For more information on the updates we’ve made, please refer to the release notes.


User Workspace Manager 2018.1 

In this latest release of the User Workspace Manager (UWM) we have integrated 2 of the key components of Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – Environment Manager & Endpoint Manager to make IT’s life so much better.

We also continue to build on the momentum of the previous File Director 4.4 and File Director 4.5 releases with the release of File Director 2018.1, providing improvements to existing functionality whilst also introducing new and exciting features, such as OneDrive for Business Connector improvements and Xtraction for File Director dashboards and reporting

Environment Manager 2018.1

In this latest release of the User Workspace Manager (UWM) we have integrated 2 of the key components of Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – Environment Manager & Endpoint Manager to make IT’s life so much better.

And there is more…

Advanced detection for Cache Roaming VHD Containers: 2018.1 introduces enhanced logic for administrators to ensure seamless roaming of critical application settings across virtual sessions.  Office 365 users can be configured easily with our out-of-box Policy actions, using existing storage.

GeoSync optimization: GeoSync is the best practice way of distributing your user’s personalization data & configuration across multiple locations/data centers.  2018.1 introduces optimizations that ensure fast, optimal synchronization even on high latency WAN links

File Director 2018.1 

The 2018.1 release of File Director continues to build on the momentum of the previous File Director 4.4 and File Director 4.5 releases, providing improvements to existing functionality whilst also introducing new and exciting features, such as:

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