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New Infrastructure Hardware Must Support the ‘Age of Digital Buildings’

Uncategorized | Posted on August 14, 2018 by schap

We are now fully in the age of digital buildings. Building systems can now be networked together using a single common – or connected – infrastructure, which allows devices and systems to talk directly to each other and make needed adjustments without any direct human interaction. This means that every strategy deployed within a new build or a retrofit must do two things: 1. enable edge computing; and 2. allow for the next wave of broader connectivity.

As a leader in high-performance network infrastructure hardware, Legrand has been at the fore of this new digital buildings era. We are constantly updating our offerings and introducing versatile, low-profile solutions that have the comprehensive flexibility to fit the need of today’s – and tomorrow’s – evolving digital buildings.

This week, we introduced two new cabinet systems as part of our ongoing effort to enable digital buildings and edge computing.

Our new swing-out wall-mount cabinets offer particular value within space-limited and retail settings. These new Legrand cabinets offer a flexible, low-profile solution that meets the broad requirements of evolving technology systems while readily managing the cabling loads typical in today’s modern building networks.

We designed these latest swing-out wall-mount cabinets to be extremely rugged and to offer incredible space savings because our customers – especially those within the retail sector – require a network setup that’s highly adaptable to their equipment and space requirements. These swing-out cabinets are compact and a proven way to optimize space because they can mount to a wall and replace a rack.

Our new vertical wall cabinets, meanwhile, are a cost-effective solution that offers flexibility, versatility, and accessibility – ideal for digital building and IoT applications. Its unique design allows mounting of racks exactly where they are most needed. In buildings that have Power-over-Ethernet lighting or other IoT applications, these vertical wall cabinets can save critical facility space and help meet a digital building’s increasing demand for edge computing.

These innovative solutions will help our customers meet the growing demands of the digital building era by enabling edge computing and maximizing flexibility and versatility. Edge computing, it’s worth remembering, can only be enabled if the required equipment can be housed closer to the end user. With these new cabinets, Legrand is helping achieve that goal.

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