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Queensland Police Services: iPads and MobileIron, A Modern Work Success Story

Uncategorized | Posted on August 14, 2018 by schap

For police officers, doing their work in the field has always meant accessing information from bulky computers and radios, as well as a lot of paperwork. Much of the communication has been asynchronous and offline. In a digital and mobile work world, collaboration and data access can be real-time regardless of location. Police technology needed to catch up. The people responsible for community safety needed to be as connected as the majority of people they are protecting.

For the last 10 years, Apple has been central to driving the change around how work gets done. So it’s not surprising that when the Queensland Police Service wanted to leapfrog their police-radio and paper-based field communication system in 2013, they identified iOS as the starting point.

“Starting 10 years ago with iPhone, and then with iPad, Apple has been transforming how work gets done, yet we believe that businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of what they can do with our products,” Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

As their success story highlights, the Queensland Police Service had a strong vision: to better enable their officers to their job they had to make them more mobile. Queensland Police developed and implemented a mobile program, giving their frontline officers the best tools and information to do their business out where they should be, interacting with the community.

“iPads have been an integral tool for frontline officers in the field. It’s changing how we police; reducing our reliance on police radio and improving the way we access critical information in the field. iPad is the most important change that I see in the police force,” said Gavin Raison, Acting Inspector, Mobile Services Program, Queensland Police Services.

The purpose-designed QLiTE app, running on the officers’ iPads, is the heart of the program, providing the search functionality to deliver person, location, and risk information in real time. It’s also the host app for an e-ticket program the officers use, replacing the old paper form system.

The business value is real. In addition to improved officer and community safety, Queensland Police has seen a savings of 30 minutes per officer per shift around administration work, which equates to 600,000 officer hours a year that they are reinvesting in the community.

As with most mobile projects, the iPad app and the ROI are the headliners of this story. However, there is an important supporting cast member key to the overall success of the program. As Gavin Raison shared at a MobileIron Live customer event: With MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in place, the IT team can ensure the devices and the apps are being used only by authorized personnel. The project pilot is planned to go live within weeks of the QLiTE app being ready to test.

With MobileIron in place, IT teams have the confidence to green light mobile projects. They know that critical management and security functionality is in place to deploy, manage, and secure thousands of devices and apps into their workforce.

As a company built with a vision to enable modern work, MobileIron is genuinely proud to be part of projects like this: Using the iPad to realize the Queensland Police Services mission of making it possible for the police to make Queensland as safe as humanly possible.

This article was originally published here.


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