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Take Back Your Desktop with a Slim Desktop Power Center

Uncategorized | Posted on August 14, 2018 by schap

Bring power and charging to the work surface while also reducing clutter? Sound too good to be true? We think not.

Here at C2G, we appreciate convenience in everyday products. We strive to bring innovative solutions that enable our customers to focus on what’s important to them. Searching for outlets under or around your tables and work surfaces may not be the most ideal way to spend your time – and we get that. With the Wiremold® Slim Desktop Power Center, you can beat the under-desk-crawl and plug in right at your desk surface or edge.


Our Slim Desktop Power Center (DPC) is offered in two versions:

• 3 Tamper-Resistant Power Outlets + 2 Smart USB Charging Ports (3.1A)

• 2 Tamper-Resistant Power Outlets + 2 Smart USB Charging Ports (3.1A)

Smart USB ports in the power center offer a more customized and energy efficient approach to powering your devices.

How can a USB port be smart? Great question. The smart charging technology means that it has the capability to recognizes what device you are plugging in. From that, the Slim DPC adjusts the speed of the charge to ensure that you get the right amount of power. The result of this is the ability to charge your devices at the fastest speed intended, while also preventing them from damages caused by the incorrect amount of power.


All desks are not created equal. However, Slim DPC models are all created with multiple mounting options. We engineered these as an edge mounted solution to free up space on your desktop surface for more important things. Like coffee. Each unit has a 6-foot cord so that you can easily move and plug in wherever your work leads you.

Whether you’re in a standard office cube, a mahogany desk with a window view, or working from a coffee table in the living room, we’ve got you covered. Each model comes with a mounting plate which allows the power center to be installed horizontally. If your workstation setup requires a vertical mount, or if you simply prefer upward facing outlets, we also offer an alternate mounting kit in both gray and black for upward facing applications.


There’s no reason why a power center has to be an eyesore. The Slim DPC has a sleek and minimal design that unobtrusively blends into your spaces and makes it look as if that’s its natural habitat.

Each model is offered in two finishes:

• Gloss White with Gray Device Face

• Textured Black

Power at your desktop just makes sense. Multiple outlets and USB ports at your fingertips means you get power and charging when you need it – without having to go on an expedition for an open outlet. The compact and elegant aesthetic of the Slim DPC makes it a great addition to your desk or table that looks like it belongs there. Simply clamp on, plug in, and power up.


Learn more about our Slim Desktop Power Center Here

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