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When Life Gives You A ‘Wake-up’ Call

Uncategorized | Posted on August 28, 2018 by schap

Click here to see the full 9 min. documentary

Today, we are dedicating this space to the inspiring story of Søren Værnstrøm, who was thrown a curveball when he suffered a stroke from a blood clot. It left him paralyzed down his left side, with little chance of recovery.

The Danish photographer and video-documentarist, Anders Bjerregaard, who works for Jabra, captured this amazing story and how the combination of a sports headset with in-ear heart rate monitoring and live fitness coaching has helped Søren recover and regain his mobility and strength.

In 2015, cardiovascular disease was the second most frequent cause of death, accounting for 6.3 million deaths (11% of the total).[i] Also in 2015, the total number of people who had previously had a stroke, and survived, was 42.4 million.[ii]

Exercise is a key element in recovering from a stroke – helping a person regain control of the affected parts of the body and, most importantly, helping prevent cardiovascular disease from reemerging.

In this short film, we learn how combining a sports app with a heart rate monitor can help you tailor the kind of exercise that adapts to your fitness level, and helps you progress and improve.

Coming back from the hospital and looking to celebrate life, Søren made a childhood dream come true – be bought himself a red Ferrari. A selfish purchase? Not exactly. He mostly uses the car to take sick children from hospitals out for a ride and to help raise money at charity events. His joy for this car becomes a joy he can share with others.

After months of hard training, Søren can now not only walk like a “normal” person, he can run too. With a newfound focus on only doing the things that create personal value for him and his family, he quit his old job and found a new one that is less stressful. Looking back, he is thankful for getting this wake-up call and he encourages others to “slow down and enjoy life.” But most importantly, Søren is grateful to his new girlfriend, who have supported and motivated him to stay focused, especially regarding the stress-training.

We were inspired by Søren’s attitude and hard work, and we hope you’ll find it an inspiration, too. Thank you to Søren for sharing your story, and we thank Anders for capturing it.

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