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VMware doubles-down on hybrid cloud (VMworld 2017 – Las Vegas Round Up)

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 13, 2017 by Tobin Dalrymple

A few days before VMworld kicked off in Las Vegas, the world’s most celebrated boxer gave his fans the fight they always wanted.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather — criticized for his lackluster performances past — changed tact with Conor McGregor, pushed forward and brought “the sizzle.”

And while VMworld had nothing to do with sport’s most hyped event, ever, we’re tempted to make the comparison. VMware, virtualization’s most decorated champion, ever, gave its followers what they really wanted, in a crowded Las Vegas amphitheater.

VMware pushed forward and delivered the sizzle for the hybrid cloud.

Arguably IT’s biggest and most hyped trend, VMware proved its commitment to the hybrid cloud, making it easier to configure, secure and manage, with a string of major announcements at the VMworld event.



VWware Cloud on AWS

Announced first in October 2016, VMware officially launched its much-anticipated VMware Cloud for AWS offering. The new service makes it easy for VMware customers to send their virtual machines (VMs) to the Amazon cloud, on demand.

For years, users felt squeezed between choosing between the oversight and control of a virtualized private cloud and the elasticity and scalability of the public AWS service. With the VMware on AWS announcement, they no longer need to choose. Sign up for the service and when the spike in demand comes, you can seamlessly port your VM’s to the cloud and leverage its limitless scale as needed.

VMware’s AWS integration is currently available only in a single AWS region, US West, on a by-the-hour basis. Other regions will be added soon. It also comes after a similar integration was made with IBM’s cloud service back in February. Anyone attached to the Azure cloud? You will have to wait and see if Microsoft’s cloud gets added to the list.

While not specific to hybrid cloud, Skyline is a new product from VMware, also announced at VMworld, that makes hybrid cloud and VM management easier. Skyline anonymously monitors the activities of paying, premium subscribers to spot configuration and performance issues early. The service should make it easier, and less painful, to get support when a crisis arises – potentially stopping and fixing a known problem before it makes its way to you.


Another break-out theme at VMworld 2017 was its focus on making cloud and virtualized security stronger and more intelligent.

App Defense is perhaps the most attention-grabbing of the security announcements. It is a new solution that automatically detects suspicious behavior on a customer’s VMs, and either takes care of it or proactively alerts IT admins to do something about it. The company had similar offerings already for its software-defined NSX and SAN products, so it is now bringing that same value-add to its namesake VM product.

Another security announcement came with NSX Cloud. The product expands the company’s security efforts to cloud and cloud-native apps. Near the end of the conference, the company also announced another partnership, this time with Dell EMC, designed to add even more robust cloud security controls and tools.


Not only is VMware aiming at making hybrid cloud easier to build with the AWS announcement, it is also doubling down on giving the hybrid cloud admin more insight and intelligence. This should help while straddling multiple cloud and private environments, which comes with its own set of challenges.

VMware Discovery is designed to solve those issues, giving admins a single pane of glass to monitor multi-cloud, and on premise workloads and applications, regardless of provider. So if you have Azure, AWS or both, as well as a set of on premise VM’s, you can collect, prioritize and act on insights, all in a single dashboard. Very smart.

Meanwhile, Cost Insight marked another new release. This tool intelligently scours your current consumption needs and makes intelligent recommendations for costs savings across public cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, and Google.

Final thoughts:

The hybrid cloud is a clear and obvious answer for many enterprises. With the VMworld event in Las Vegas, VMware has clearly set its sights on making this ambitious IT transformation easier, safer and smarter than ever before.

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