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VMworld 2016 news: A summary of the big picture

Servers, Storage and Networking | Posted on September 1, 2016

This week we scoured the VMworld show for the most salient news for Softchoice clients, some of which we released over the past few days.

Now that VMworld wrapped, we want to take a moment to reflect on the overall vision VMware announced.

In previous years, VMworld themes were Ready for any and One Cloud, Any Application and On Any Device. That core messaging supported the unification of private clouds with public clouds, running seamlessly on a hybrid architecture. This year, the messaging is the same as VMware continues to fine tune their solutions to be more integrated and unified than ever before.

A diagram of VMwares overall vision

The 4 biggest VMworld announcements so far:

1. VMware is extending Horizon—its application and desktop virtualization solution to support more clients and devices, including Raspberry Pi.
This should allow one of the most cost-effective computing devices available to become a more practical option for VMware-based virtual desktops. The company also has finally provided much-desired Bluetooth mouse compatibility when using Apple iOS devices, such as iPad, by adding support for the ever-popular Swiftpoint mouse.

2. The company unveiled an exciting new bundled platform called Cloud Foundation.
This bundled platform includes all the elements of a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software stack, incorporating VMware’s vSphere, VSAN and NSX, and managed by the company’s new SDDC Manager. This is welcome news for companies wanting to deploy HCI while continuing to use the hardware vendors they prefer or have standardized on within their infrastructure, since compatibility is based on VMware’s existing Ready Node program.

3. The company’s cloud management platform, vRealize Suite, has been updated.
These updates incorporate the technology VMware recently acquired through their purchase of Arkin Net in June. This should give greater visibility into both the physical and virtual layers of the data center, as well as other advantages we discussed in our recent blog.

4. VMware released its multi-cloud vision and plan for Airwatch.
…as well as the availability of Airwatch Express for companies with a smaller number of devices, delivering cost-effective MDM for small businesses that can be upgraded to full versions of Airwatch once the company has greater than 500 devices.

These announcements are interesting in their own right. But looking at them in context shows how the decisions VMware made over the past few years have crystalized into the most complete solution for making a software-defined, hardware agnostic, hybrid cloud ready datacenter a reality. This paves the way for VMware to maintain its position as the leader in virtualization and platform convergence.

VMware’s vision for 2016 is one in which the software-defined datacenter has an entirely new hardware-agnostic control plane. The company has very clear ideas around dealing with traditional apps, native cloud apps and how to “bridge the divide” between the two.

How VMware solutions fit into their overall vision

This year at VMworld, the company tried to answer the question “What’s next?”And their answer is one unified hybrid cloud, running any application, any workload, on any device, anywhere.

What’s next for you?

If you missed the show, fear not, we’ve got all the goods. Check out our last three blogs on the most important announcements made by VMware so far. Or even better, watch as our VMware experts host a live VMworld recap webinar. We’ll go into greater depth on the big news stories and answer your questions on what these changes mean to you and your business. Can’t attend the webinar? Register anyways and we’ll send you the recording.

Click here for a webinar covering the top VMworld 2016 announcements

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