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ONEsoftchoice: Why Diversity & Inclusion matters

Culture | Posted on September 7, 2016 by Victoria Ercolao

If you were to take a quick scan of media coverage this year, you’re bound to notice an increase in coverage on topics related to race, religion, gender and body politics. This should come as no surprise given the world we live in is diversifying.

Populations (especially in the western world) are becoming more diverse by the day, and more and more businesses are operating in the global marketplace. Businesses that embrace diversity are winning the day, and not only because they contribute to a more tolerant and inclusive society. They also see a tangible positive impact to their business.

According to McKinsey & Co.’s most recent diversity report, companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to see financial returns above their national industry medians. The report also links more diverse companies with the ability to win top talent, as well as improve customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making. This leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns, bringing a level of competitive advantage to companies that attract and retain diverse talent.

With such palpable benefits, diversity and inclusion should be a vital aspect of any company’s business objectives. In 2015, Softchoice looked to our employees for inspiration to foster a more diverse and inclusive culture, and in doing so formed ONEsoftchoice, a grassroots, employee-driven diversity and inclusion (D&I) committee.


ONEsoftchoice exists to empower and unleash the potential of everyone at Softchoice. The committee is tasked with ensuring that all employees at Softchoice can bring their whole and authentic selves to work every day. ONEsoftchoice believes that diversity is about creating an environment where all of our employees – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion or cultural background – feel accepted and supported to succeed at work. Diversity is in our DNA, and it’s our purpose to provide a path for everyone’s uniqueness to shine.

Mission, Vision & Values

ONEsoftchoice works with senior leadership to identify and remove any barriers to success for individuals, and in turn the organization, and to ensure our award-winning culture attracts truly world class talent. ONEsoftchoice’s vision is to ensure an equilateral embrace of Softchoice’s diverse employee culture where unique backgrounds and experiences are celebrated. The committee is guided by values of openness, accountability and integration.

Key Activities

ONEsoftchoice works to increase visibility and awareness of diversity and inclusion at Softchoice by developing Employee Resource Groups and mentorship opportunities, as well as planning events within Softchoice offices and our local communities. The committee also utilizes internal communication vehicles at Softchoice to share relevant resources to help educate employees on D&I topics.

They strive to encourage all of our people to act as champions of diversity with the ultimate goal of having their efforts make a positive, measurable impact on our business, culture and partner relationships.

Interested in joining a community of professionals making an impact every single day? Visit our Careers page to browse open positions at Softchoice.

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