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Sometimes we all need a little reminder

Culture | Posted on August 24, 2011 by Melissa Alvares

I was leaving the Softchoice gym today when I noticed the new signs near all of the light switches that were put up by the Green Team. Some may think a sign is not necessary (and maybe even a waste of paper), but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve walked into the gym to lights, TVs and the stereo running without anyone being in there.

At home, since I pay my own power bills, I find myself so much more committed to turning things off. I never leave the TV on when I’m not watching it. Before I leave the house, I do a last sweep to turn off all the lights. Sometimes even when I’m cooking, I’ll even turn off the stove before the dish is done cooking since I know that they’ll still be some heat as it slowly cools down.

But in a large office,  you tend to forget these basic things since it’s not your home, and it’s for sure not your budget that’s effected by it. There can be a lot of other reasons you may not “flick off” when you leave a room such as:

  • “Man, I’m so late for my next meeting that I need to rush out of here as soon as possible”
  • “I can’t quite see a light switch anywhere”
  • “I’m sure someone is going to use the room after me”
  • “I’m chatting with a client as I leave the room, so I have other things on my mind other than turning off the light”

There’s a lot of stuff going on while we are at work, so it’s hard to remember to turn off a light. But it’s one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways for Softchoice to reduce our energy footprint. So our new signs around the office are meant to just be a little reminder. We’ve placed them near the light switch so that you can find it and they are a bright colour so that they grab your attention. And unless someone is walking into a room as you leave it, just assume that the light can be turned off. I’m sure the next person will be able to figure out how to turn it on.

The Green Team won’t be able to find every switch across all of our branches and put up signs, so we encourage all employees to create their own reminder posters or signs or any other creative way to remind each other to “flick off”. If you need some ideas or poster templates you can visit this cool site.

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