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Behind the Scenes: Building a great BYOC Team

From the experts | Posted on July 25, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

This is the second in a series about how Softchoice implemented BYOC. We hope you find the series interesting and look forward to your comments and thoughts on your experiences.

Building the team: You start with inviting a great marketing person to the team.

OK, most BYOC teams don’t have someone like me blogging about the process, and providing my “2 cents” based on things that I’ve read from marketing materials. But, having a marketing person does have its benefits, since there’s a lot of employee communications that require good writing skills. Plus, I have access to marketing survey tools, which is handy for our employee survey.

So other than me, who else is on the Softchoice BYOC team?

Mustafa Ebadi – He’s our Service Desk Manager. He is responsible for the team that responds to all the service desk tickets around employee problems with their laptops. His team is also responsible for upgrades of older machines and making sure new employees across North America get a laptop. He brings expertise around the costs of aquiring, imaging, managing and retiring laptops at Softchoice.


Mark Sebastian– He’s our Information Security Officer, a certified CISSP/CISA. Since ensuring security on employee owned devices is an important concern, he is an essential part of the team. He has been tasked with project managing this initiative.  It also helps that he has experience as a Six Sigma Blackbelt. So, we know the project is going to run smoothly, now that it’s in his Six Sigma hands! Right?



Francis Li – He’s our Director of IT. He’s all about user experience, and will ensure that the program created is simple and effecient for Softchoice employees. He also reports directly to Kevin Wright our CIO, so Francis will ensure that our project is fiscally and technologically sound.



Lester Moniz – As the Softchoice Manager of IT Infrastructure, building the data center backend to support the BYOC program, Lester is tasked with helping us understand the differences between the different vendor options for VDI, and then making sure we have the right back end to support all our various and unique user demands.



Gualter Carvalho – He’s our Financial Analyst, tasked with ensuring that our CFO  approves our business case for this project. Gualter helped to calculate the current costs of supporting laptops and will ensure our calculations for costs of the BYOC program are correct. Our goal for this project is to be cost-neutral, but I’m sure saving money wouldn’t be a bad thing in his books either.



While this is our core team leading the project, there were many others in the organization that we consulted to help provide information. One key contact was Sonya, our Payroll Supervisor, who worked with the Canadian Revenue Agency to understand the tax implication to the stipend we would offer to employees purchasing their own computers.

As Softchoice is an IT Solution Provider, we have the additonal benefit of in-house technical architects as well as vendor partners, designing these solutions every day, so we have access to these resources  as well.  As the project moves along, I’m sure  there will be a lot more people helping out.

What’s your experience been?  What team members are you including in your BYOC team?

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