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Behind the Scenes: Softchoice moves from BYOD towards BYOC

From the experts | Posted on July 25, 2012 by Melissa Alvares

This is the third entry in a series about how Softchoice implemented BYOC. We hope you find the series interesting and look forward to your comments and thoughts on your experiences.

As Madeleine’s blog series on Softchoice’s journey from Blackberry to BYOD is starting to wrap up, I’ve now started on a new journey considering whether Softchoice should expand BYOD to an employee Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) program too. Now it’s rare to ask a “marketer” like myself to join an IT project team, but I got asked because I had recently published some blogs and campaigns about these issues, so I had a good amount of researched knowledge on the topic.

However going from reading some white papers and watching some videos on the subject, to actually trying to figure out how to make it work in a real organization is quite a big jump.

I’m realizing that marketing tools such as the vendor study that I attached to my last email campaign, or the Client Computing Revolution infographic I just worked on are great at illustrating the trend and talking about considerations and challenges at a high-level, but they don’t really provide that much help once you actually start down the road of planning a BYOC strategy. Yes, we all understand the “why” to go to BYOC, but what’s lacking out there is a real account of the “how.”

So this blog series is going to detail step-by-step how we went from our CIO saying “we should look at BYOC at Softchoice”  to working  through a BYOC project using Six Sigma Practices. I’ll share the tools we found most useful, the surveys and policies we created and then outline how we built the business case and implemented the neccessary technology.

Why re-invent the wheel? If we at Softchoice can share with you how we did it, then you hopefully can implement it at your organization without running into some of the same pitfalls and challenges that we faced.

It’s also going to be an interesting journey for me as a technology marketer to see the reality behind this latest trend and go beyond the marketing buzz and “fluff” that I read and get deep into a real IT project. I hope that it helps me realize what tools our customers actually need when making a technology decision so that my team can be more useful when we create content for you. So please share your comments throughout this process and let me know if what I’m sharing is helpful or not.

Here are some of the preliminary topics I’m going to blog about and a couple we’ve already posted. I’m sure many more will come up as we start down the road:

BYOC blog topic ideas:

  1. Who should be on the project team?
  2. Our kickoff meeting and first concerns/ideas
  3. Surveying our employees – What did we learn?
  4. Calculating our real cost/laptop
  5. Tax and Legal Implications on BYOC and providing stipends for computers
  6. Financial implications of moving laptops from a capital expense to an operating expense
  7. ….Let me know anything else that you’d like to know!

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