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From the experts | Posted on May 30, 2012 by Joel Marans

Over the years our goal has always been to help our customers become more successful, more productive and more competitive. This year, we have chosen to narrow our focus even more to one major WIG – wildly important goal – that will guide our offerings for the next year.

This is the year when it all comes together – our deep expertise in networking, security, application integration, data center virtualization, cloud and managed services, plus our extensive project management experience and our mastery in technical consulting have all coalesced into a comprehensive service mix. We’ve identified our strengths and how Softchoice services deliver the greatest returns to our customers. Read on to hear what our senior leaders have to say about our strategy.

We’re ready to mobilize our resources and expertise to help customers meet and manage the challenges of today’s volatile economic and technology environment. Together, we can build solutions that accomplish your business objectives while taking advantage of new technologies to optimize your environment and reduce costs. Join us as we embark on our wildly important goal of providing YOU with excellence in services and delivery.

What our leaders have to say:

“There’s never been a more exciting time for IT. But with so much change and complexity, it’s also a little daunting. At Softchoice, our services strategy really comes down to increasing our value to customers by taking on more of the heavy lifting. With a truly holistic offering, including assessment, project management, implementation, and the addition of Managed Services, we’ve never been more ready to help organizations capitalize on innovation than we are today.” – David MacDonald, President & CEO “In terms of professional services, Softchoice is all in. We’re investing heavily in services to the tune of over 4 million dollars.What this means for customers is that we’re bolstering our intellectual property, delivery capacity and continuing to provide customers with productive use of the technology. As we engage with customers in this model, it leads to a higher level of business return for all solutions.” – Dale Bristow, VP of Business Development “Keystone Essential Services is a major pillar of our services strategy. We’re moving past the traditional managed service and focusing more on helping customers leverage the potential of technology, so they can transition their focus from sustaining to innovating through dedicated support and mentorship services.” – Kevin Wright, SVP and CIO “Our services strategy focuses on new levels of engagement. It’s about understanding our customer’s business and helping to deliver on their objectives. We’re placing specific goals to ensure company-wide emphasis on our customer’s perspective using the Net Promoter Score model. This will see us achieve a higher level of customers satisfaction and will leadas a key measure of our increased focus on business outcomes.” – Steve Leslie, SVP Sales “Cloud computing has forever transformed how organizations operate, grow and innovate successfully, and businesses increasingly see the advantages of switching to this model. However, as with any significant change, adoption is never as simple as flipping a switch. You need the right information and the right people in place to help maneuver the transition successfully. This is where Softchoice Cloud helps. We realize cloud services are rarely an out-of-the-box solution and so for our Beta launch in April, we are offering customers a set of services to help simplify their decision making, adoption, management and support process.” – Ferhan Bulca, Cloud Senior Consultant

To hear about this strategy in action, listen to members our team describe how Softchoice Services are already making impacts in the Resource, Professional ServicesManufacturing and Healthcare sectors.

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