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BYOD Behind the Scenes: 3 Things to consider before embarking on your own journey

From the experts | Posted on August 16, 2012 by Madeleine Lee

In my previous Behind the Scenes post, I explored how we developed and rolled out our own Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

With such heavy activity in the media coupled by relentless pressure from users, by now you’re probably seriously thinking about following our lead and taking the plunge into mobile consumerization-station.

Hold it right there! We’ve been where you have, and we confidently say there are three often overlooked considerations to be aware of before embarking on your own mobile BYOD journey.

What are your options?

At Softchoice, there were a couple routes we could have taken. Since we discovered the overabundance of corporate phones being used for personal calls and data, we could have locked down the usage of the entire company and go after them if they go over their recommended use. But in regards to cost and labor, it didn’t seem realistic.

Our solution was to use a personal liability. Now eligible employees receive a monthly allowance, based on the requirements of their role, to place towards their own phone bill. They’re in control of their own provider and platform, and Softchoice benefits from cost certainty!

Too riské for you? CYOD, or choose-your-own-device, is gaining momentum in the enterprise mobile space could be where IT departments shift in the near future. While a CYOD strategy gives users a sense of freedom, it’s easier to manage because IT managers can limit the range of hardware they support.

Want to know exactly what the Softchoice device policy is? Check out our Softchoice Mobile Phone Allowance Agreement. Feel free to steal some of our ideas!

Have you done your research?

Time-consuming as it is, it pays to know what you’re getting into. At Softchoice, we closely examined our employees’ usage habits and average phone bills. We discovered that we’d been paying massive fees for personal calls – including roaming and long distance – as well as costly device replacements (close to $750 per lost device)!

Cisco experienced 17-20 percent cost savings when switching to mobile BYOD, however unfortunately, most organizations have not seen cost savings in BYOD. In fact, the average BYOD program costs 33 percent more than a corporate-issued device program. So if you’re switching to BYOD for cost savings, ensure you actually will save money.

What is your objective?

It is critical to have well-defined objectives. What is it that you want to accomplish? Whatever it is, make sure your senior management is on-board. They’ll have the best insight on what is required for their department, as well as the ability to push back if their employees have concerns. At Softchoice, we had senior management directly involved in the allowance amount designation, so they were adequately empowered to explain the change to employees.

For my next adventure in Softchoice’s BYOD Journey, I’m going to take a closer look at what BYOD is like from the employee perspective! Stay tuned and subscribe for the latest compelling information on the

So, do you have a mobile device use policy? What challenges did you encounter and how did you get around them?

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