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Consulting: The Secret Ingredient to CYOD Success

From the experts | Posted on September 17, 2013 by Angela Cope

As we started to roll out a Softchoice CYOD program, we discovered there were a lot of moving parts across a lot of departments.

When we previously rolled out our BYOD  program, we didn’t have the benefit of in-house expertise to guide the design, implementation and measurement of the program.

With CYOD, which we’re piloting over the next couple of months, we’ve been able to use our internal consulting resources to walk us through the process — and we’ve learned some valuable lessons.

Typically, most organizations are reactive when it comes to BYOD and CYOD. It happens by accident and not by design, without a goal or any way of measuring results. We’ve learned that a proper consulting methodology is a critical part of the process, and just might be the secret ingredient to setting a program up for success.

How we began our pilot – and consulting guided our way

The consulting process for our own pilot involved surveying employees to determine the interest level in a CYOD program. Then, along with the help of the IT department, we determined which employees, in which departments, would be best suited for the pilot.

Part of the process also involved assessing our mobile environment using our TechCheck assessment services to determine which devices and platforms we’d make available to employees in a CYOD pilot.

Perhaps most importantly, the consulting process helped us look at CYOD in a different way — not just to provide device options, but also to consider how it could help us transform our business.

After all, are you just trying to make your workers more mobile, or are you trying to change the way you deliver products and services? This is where the value of consulting comes in.

What we learned

As we begin rolling out our CYOD pilot at Softchoice, we’re looking at what transformative opportunities exist for our business, and how CYOD will change the way we interact with our clients.

Trying to do this in an ad hoc fashion won’t give us the results we’re looking for. And so our vision around CYOD is a combined result of our consulting process — determining our objectives, setting attainable goals and creating real measurements for success — and our desire to provide the best working experience possible.

Technology, clearly, plays a key role in any CYOD project. But through this consulting process, we’re learning that CYOD is less about devices and more about people — and how offering our employees the choice will have the ability to transform the way we do business.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about CYO, feel free to comment below. You can also discover what our CYO participants are talking about on Twitter by following the hashtag #SCYO

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