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Infographic: The Path to Better BYOD

From the experts | Posted on August 17, 2012 by Emily A. Davidson

Our latest infographic examines the differences between the user experience and the IT experience when implementing a BYOD strategy. From user demands for anywhere access to network security, and quick application loading times to a virtual desktop infrastructures, this infographic aims to help you ensure your back-end can support the new demands BYOD places on your IT environment.

No time to browse? Click ‘More’ to read the top 4 considerations.

Top 4 considerations on The Path to Better BYOD

  1. Ensure your office WiFi and LAN corporate network can handle an influx of new and unique IP addresses from Wifi-enabled smart devices. Your users will thank you for reliable connectivity!
  2. Double check user authentication with a contextually aware access layer. A single key for all resources makes it easy for users to remember and update their passwords.
  3. Virtualize! Centralizing desktops and virtualizing apps makes your infrastructure more efficient, and allows devices to quickly send information and consume applications over the network. Your users will thank you for speedy access to central resources.
  4. Ease the burden of managing a disparate, siloed environments using unified management solutions – think single pane management and drag and drop provisioning. Your users will thank you for quick access to new applications.

For more information, learn about our BYOD Therapy Session. Think we missed something? Let us know what your biggest BYOD concerns are in the comments below!

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