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Softchoice Innovation Executive Forum: Where Collaboration is the Path to Innovation

From the experts | Posted on June 6, 2013 by Aaron Brooks

It’s impossible to ignore. Technology is evolving at an astonishing pace, and major business trends like BYOD, Cloud and UCC are introducing new complexities and challenges for leaders in every business unit – not just within IT.

In fact, the very role of IT is changing the world over, as end-users now make their own choices when it comes to the hardware and software they use – often without the support (or blessing) of IT.

Every organization faces these challenges – whether they realize it or not. And while trying to solve these problems on your own is one approach, there is a better way – one that leverages the collective experiences of senior business leaders who are facing the same challenges (and threats) as you.

Strength in numbers
In response to these emerging business trends, our team has launched the Softchoice Innovation Office, a practice designed to help clients build their vision for the future.

One of our first initiatives is a facilitated community we call the Innovation Executive Forum (IEF). The IEF is a series of in-person peer-to-peer roundtables, and includes access to a private LinkedIn group where members debate and exchange ideas based on their common challenges.

The IEF provides an opportunity for members to first understand a trend, and then evaluate whether it is valid for them or not. It’s also a great opportunity for member clients and the Softchoice team to work collaboratively and develop fresh business strategies that drive competitive advantage and differentiation.

The results are in
The first Innovation Executive Forum event was recently held in Toronto and included a group of customer CIOs and VPs who met for dinner and conversation with Softchoice CEO David MacDonald, Innovation Office Director Aaron Brooks, Softchoice CIO Kevin Wright, Softchoice Director of Consulting Erika Van Noort and Richard Carson, Manager, Services Marketing.

The topic for the inaugural roundtable was BYOD. We’ve summarized the discussion from the evening in this short report. The topics covered during the roundtable:

  • What Makes a Trend A Megatrend?
  • BYOD: A Discussion of 5 Use Cases
  • CIO Perspective: Why BYOD is seen as an inflection point in the role of IT
  • CIO Perspective: Primary Concerns and Top Considerations
  • Summary / Next Steps
  • Appendix Case Study: The Softchoice BYOD Journey

> download the report now

The goal of the IEF is to build a community of business leaders across North America who are interested in collaborating on new and innovative solutions and services.

More IEF forums are planned across North America in the coming months. If you’d like to find out when the next roundtable is happening in your area, please leave a comment below, or email me.

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